Wednesday, June 14, 2006

You're so Stupid!

I hear a lot of stupid things when I'm at work. Sometimes it is a customer question but every once in a while I over hear someone say something so idiotic that makes my mouth drop. The other day, I was working in the travel section when a woman and a man came to look for travel guides. I was currently pdting the African/Asian guides and couldn't really see what they were looking at but the woman told the man that she was going to go to Greece but then she realized that everything was going to be in Greek. When I heard that I stopped what I was doing to digest what I just head. Did she just say she wasn't going to Greece because everything was going to be in Greek? They speak Greek in Greece. What does she want everything to be in English every where she goes? That definitely limits where she can go and anyway, no matter where you go in the world in most touristy areas the people will speak passable English. And this is the kind of person that wouldn't dare go beyond the touristy areas. God forbid she actually experience the country they are visiting. Now, the man and the woman were looking at the European guides. So, I hope she is going to France and tries to speak English every where she goes and the French treat her like shit!

I wish the stupid remarks I hear were limited just to work but sadly that is not true. Last week, I went to get my hair cut. (btw, my hair is really cute now!) I was a little early so sat in the waiting area with everyone else who were waiting too. I picked out ESPN the Magazine to read because it had a preview of the World Cup. I'm mucho excited about the World Cup. A little bit more excited then, then I am now after the US bombed it's first game but whatever. On the Cover it said "Futbol" instead of football. The woman next to me saw that and said "They spelled that wrong." I looked at her and I'm sure I didn't a terrible job of disguising my disgust at her ignorance. I said It depended on what language you were speaking. Luckily Nicole, my stylist was ready for me and that ended that conversation. Yes, that major magazine misspelled a word on it's cover. Come on Lady. Soccer is an international sport that is more popular outside the US then in it. They were just reflecting that. I couldn't believe this woman said that but at least me and my friends have got some good laughs out of it and other stupid things people say.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Presenting Limony Snicket!

Don't ever say that the Managers and Barnes and Noble are not willing to go the extra mile for their customers. On Monday Tony, one of our ASM's, dressed up Limony Snicket (The brother of Lemony Snicket because we couldn't get the real one to show up. Which is a shame because I love Daniel Handler! but I digress.) Now for those who know Tony, I am sure will be shocked by the following photo but those who don't know him, well let me put this way. I don't know what kind of dirt our CRM Beth J. got him that made him do it because he is not the kind of person who volunteer for such a gig. The Last 4 Harry Potter parties we have tried to get him to be Snape because he would be perfect for it. All he would have to do is take his hair out of his ponytail and wear and black robe and voila! Snape! It would be perfect. Since I doubt that will happen for the release of HP7, we will have to make do with this.
I Present to you Limony Snicket! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


1. My first week as a lead. Well, I'm not really sure you can call it my first full week at my new position because of Memorial Day. I worked on Sunday, then had Monday and Tuesday off, worked Wednesday and then had Thursday off. Let's just say, I haven't gotten much done in the last couple of days. Oh well, at least next week I'll have more time on the floor. Hopefully.

2. Future-Brother-in-law is a very funny man. He has a wicked sense of humor and it borders on blasphemy. And I say that in the best way possible. My friend Anna was over to watch his Opus, Lethal Messiah. Which brings the count of people I have shown the movie to 3. It should be 4 but there was some technical difficulties.

3. James Blake is a stud! If you haven't watch any of ESPN 2's coverage of the French Open. You really should.

4. Yellow really isn't my color. Yesterday, I tried on my bridesmaid's gown for my friend Melinda's wedding. Unfortunately, they didn't have her coral color in my size so I had to try it on in yellow. For that reason, I have to with hold judgment on the dress because that would not be fair. Yellow doesn't really look good on anyone.

5. "I crashed my van into Jesus!" God, I love Hilary Faye! If you haven't seen the movie Saved! You should. It is so funny.

6. Sarah. I miss you already! :-(

7. Kat and John are coming to see us! Woohoo!

8. This is the funniest thing I have seen this month! Be Warned. You should not be drinking while watching it.

9. The NBA season isn't over yet. You mean, the finals haven't started yet? Are you kidding? No play offs should take two months to play out. That is just insane. I've already lost interest. Well, almost. I'm glad to see the Miami Heat made the finals.

10. I really don't have anything for 10 but I felt it is better to end the list at 10 instead of 9. 10 is just a nice round number. Have a good weekend everybody!