Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Graduation Day!

It's hard for me to believe that on Saturday, I will be a college graduate. Wow, the four years have really flown by. I mean seriously, where did those 4 years go? I really don't feel any older then when I started back in 2001 but I guess I am. Ok, I know I am but I'm just not mentally prepared to call myself an adult just yet. There is so much I want to do before I have settle down with responsibilities and a nine to five job. I just don't know what I'm going to do next.

So graduation is Saturday. I had decided years ago that I would not be participating in the ceremony. I just don't see the point. I think there are better things that I can do with my time then sit through Kirk Ferentz and other speakers so I can walk across a stage for two seconds, shake some important person in the University that I have never seen before and then pose with a blank degree. To me that sounds like torture not a celebration. So instead, I am going out to breakfast with my friend Elizabeth, and fellow graduate, and her girl Sarah. Then Later having a dinner with just my family and then Kat is taking me to see the All American Rejects at Gabes! Now that is how you celebrate graduation. I have told be several people that I will regret not walking and maybe I will but that's ok. I'm willing to live with that. It would be one thing if I had relatives who were flying in to see it but since none of them have yet to make the trip to Iowa (except for the Grandparents, who came once to see Kat graduate High School and too be fair to them, they would have come to mine if they were not ill. Traveling is just too much for them and I understand that.) so why would they start now. I may sound bitter but I am kind of relieved because I really did not want to walk. So they have relieved me from feeling guilty for not doing it.

I'm sure my parents are a little bit disappointed that they won't get to see me walk across the stage but I also know how grateful they are that I am not going to make them sit through the long boring speeches. I've talked to other people who are graduating and are walking and it seems like most of them are only doing it because their families want to. That's great and all but doesn't it take a little bit away from the ceremony if you are forced through it? It's their graduation, shouldn't they do what they want? It is easy for me to sit here and speculate because I don't know their reasoning. To me, it seems selfish to ask someone to do something they don't want to do. Maybe there is something about the whole thing that I am missing but oh well, what do I really know anyway.

To the Class of 2005! Congratulations and Good Luck! May we all find jobs in the very near future!