Sunday, January 21, 2007

All this good time is going to kill me

I'm quite tired. It's been a busy week. Between all my social obligations and late nights watching tennis, the earliest I have gone to bed this week is 1am. OK, so that is only about an hour earlier then usual but that hour makes a big difference. I really shouldn't be complaining. It's a good thing that I have friends that invite me out to parties and celebrate events in their life. I really do have great friends. Especially my work friends, who are just a blast to hang out with. Friday was the big Triple birthday party for Amy, Katie and Aaron. We went to Old Chicago. I felt bad for our waitress because we kept moving tables on her because it more and more people kept showing up. We did expect everyone who showed to up to come but we didn't think people were going to come as early as they did. We started out in a booth, then a table and then a bigger table. After that we took over the booth and table, then eventually migrated over to the high tables close the pool tables. We always seem to end up there. The highlight of the night (or at least the highlight for me) was when the birthday people opened their presents. Katie and Amy were easier to buy for. Amy and I share a love for Journey, so I got her their Greatest hits album. Katie has a reputation that if you give her enough to drink, she will do the Thriller dance. Oh yes, it is amazing. So, she got Thriller on CD so she can practice whenever she wants. Aaron was a little bit tricky. I'm not really sure what he likes to listen too. I just know that he pretty much doesn't like anything that I like. So, what about movie. Again, every movie I know he likes, I know he already has. So I thought to myself, why not something funny. Amy and I have been trying to get him to watch the movie Mean Girls and he has refused. Again, I thought to myself, well maybe we can't get him to come over and watch it that I would just give it to him. When I bought it, I thought this is going to be so funny. He is going to laugh but the more I thought about it, I started to think he might find it as amusing as I will. He might actually hate it. So I was really nervous about giving it to him but luckily he laughed. Of course, he might have been in such a good mood from all the beer that wasn't going to tell me he how much he hated it. I would say, it was a successful present. Even if he does end up exchanging it for something else. Just knowing that for a couple of days he owned Mean Girls is good for me.

Well, when I haven't been working and going out, I have been at home watching tennis. Damn, Australia and their 16 hour time difference. It makes for a lot of late nights. Thursday night/Friday morning Andy Roddick played Marat Safin. There was no way I was going to miss that even if I had to get up at 2:30 and stay up until 6. It was totally worth it because it was a very good match. Andy played very composed tennis with a lot more variety then in the past. Marat was Marat. He had many brilliant shots and then a lot of "what was he thinking". And it wouldn't have been a Marat match, if he didn't yell at the umpire at least once. I love him. BTW, Andy won. I had every intention of going to bed early last night but I was watching tennis again and before I knew it, it was 1am. So much for that. But it is all good. I do this every January and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Let it Snow?

This weekend, we had our first legitimate snow of this winter. I have to say that I could have done without it. I'm not really into the whole snow thing. Nothing really good comes from it. Yes, it's pretty when it is falling and the few seconds after it stops. But then it hangs around and gets gross and brown. It's cold and wet and unpleasant. It makes people drive slowly. Ok, when it's snowing and things are slippery, people should be cautious driving but there is a different between driving cautiously and just driving slow. You would think that people have never driven in this type of weather before. It's like a little bit of snow makes people crazy and think that the world is going to end and they have to stay indoors or something. Last night, my friend Kat had a party and while it was well attended and fun, there were people who didn't come because they didn't want to drive in the snow. The forcasted ice storm never materlized and the roads were very drivable. I really dislike snow. Like I said earlier. Nothing good really comes from it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Boring Boring Boring

I really have nothing to say. The Holidays are over. Yeah! Things are slowing down at work. I'm finally get time in my zone so I can get some actual work done. I have the day off. It's a Friday and I'm spending it doing laundry. Yep, I have a Friday off. I should be doing something exciting but I'm not. I keep thinking of calling some friends and seeing what they are doing but I'm pretty sure they are all working at the moment. So, I sit here. Oh, and it's trying to snow. I guess it isn't trying to snow. It is but not sticking. We have had such a warm winter. Maybe I'll take myself out for a movie or just stay in and watch the movies I got from Netflix or both. I really need to have more things to do. Yep, I'm boring. boring boring boring. La La La. Oops, I think my first load is finished. Time to dry.