Tuesday, April 10, 2007

1st(?) Annual Easter Dinner

I'm sure you are all wondering how my dinner went. Well, I am happy to report it was a success. I had a couple of speed bumps but all in all I made a yummy dinner and all of my guests went home full and happy. Let me tell you about my day.

I woke up around 10am. I went to Hy-vee to get all the food. Mom had suggested that I get a Hormel roast because they were a) on special and b) have directions on how to cook it. Well, our Hy-Vee only had pork roasts and I really wanted beef. It turns out that the great people of Hy-Vee's meat department put directions on the back of their meat as well so that was perfect. I got a 2.09 lbs. round roast. I walked my food back to my apartment and put everything away and then headed out to Target. I needed to by more chairs. I downgraded on the chair department when I moved to my new apartment. I only had 2 chairs, 3 if you count the recliner. You all know I prefer to sit on the floor when I'm home. Anyway, so I drive over to Target but I forgot they were closed! Target Was Closed on EASTER but B&N was open. I drove over to the store to tell this mom and pick up the book I ordered. It was a good thing I did because I got to talk to Amy and Melissa and confirm our plans for tonight. Ok, so now that Target was closed, I had to do something I really didn't want to do. I went to Wal-Mart. sigh. I bought my chairs and left got out of there.

After all of this it was almost 1pm. I did a quick check of the emails and had lunch before I started the clean up of the apartment. I started with the bathroom because it was the smallest room in my place. I wiped down all the counters, scrubbed, swept and then mopped. It now sparkles! I then moved to the kitchen and did the same thing but before I could mop the floor I had to pick up the floor. I had a few things still in boxes that I haven't unpacked yet. I decided that maybe this was a good time to do that. It turns out there was a lot of things I could have thrown out months ago. So I did but it begs the question, why did I move all this stuff with me? I then went ahead and picked up my living room. Throwing away random things, junk mail and all receipts and what not. (Kat I did find Rebekah's present after all. It was in a bag and in a bag in a bag.) By this time, I had 3 bags of trash and a couple of empty boxes to throw away so 2 trips to the trash thing later I was finally starting to see some progress. Next, I swifter mopped around my kitchen and vacuumed my living room and I couldn't believe that my apartment was so clean! And it only took about 2 and half hours, too. I was sure it would take me longer. This would be a theme for the the night. It was too early to start cooking so I sat down and watched the Masters. Local boy, Zach Johnson won by the way. Here are some pictures of my new clean apartment.

The directions told me that it would take about an hour and half to 2 and half hours to cook my roast so around 4 I decided to preheat my oven and prepare my roast. I didn't know what kind of seasoning to put on it. I should have asked dad if I could borrow one of his rubs but I didn't. I wasn't confident with playing around with the different spices and herbs I had, so I decided to leave if Au natural! After, what I thought was an appropriate time, I started the potatoes. After like 20 minutes because that's what mom said it should take I dumped out the water and started to mash, which was hard because I couldn't find our masher. I'm sure we had one. Anyway, some of the potatoes were soft and easy to mash but others were still a little hard. They ended up being a little more lumpy then I would have liked but other then that they were good. Last but not least put on the veggies on the stove and they were done early too. I was done 30 minutes before I expected Katie, she was the only, besides me, who didn't work on Sunday so I knew she would be there first. I was a little panicked. I kept the roast in the oven on warm and the potatoes and veggies on low on the stove and hoped that would keep them warm. To calm my nerves, I opened my bottle of Cava that I bought for New Year's that I haven't opened yet. I had about an glass and a half before Katie got there after 6:30. I would end up finishing that bottle, by myself, by the end of the evening. When Katie got to my apartment, I thought it would be safe for cut the roast and serve everything because I was hungry and the rest of the girls should be here any minute. I told them, they didn't need to bring anything but I really should have known better because they stopped at Hy-vee to get some beer. Amy, Jackie and Melissa didn't get there until around 7, so I had to quickly reheat things in the microwave but luckily the roast was still warm. So, the lesson I learn, always plan to have the meal ready a half an hour later then you expect your guests, just in case they are late. After all of that, We finally sat down to eat and I think we were all hungry because the food went fast. We spent the rest of the evening talking, gossiping more like it, and drinking. Between the 5 of us, I have 18 bottles to return. I was probably the most drunk because not only did I finish my bottle of Cava myself but had to beers as well. It was a good thing I live here. *lol* When Katie and Melissa left at 11:30, I was so tired that I just went straight to bed and left the dishes for Monday. I had to get up early to open. At work, we are now having zone time in the morning. Which is nice because, it's 2 hours without customers but it's also 7 in the morning! That's harsh. Anyway, that's life. So, yes it was very successful! I will do it again but probably not for a while because it is a lot of work.

Melissa, Katie, Amy and Jackie before we ate my Delicious Easter dinner!

Yesterday after I work I washed my dishes, I moved my table next to my fridge and moved the shelves in the corner next to my windows. It gives me so much room, which is what I will need when I get my futon on Friday. The futon I'm thinking of getting is pretty sweet! The arms have adjustable tables on them, so you can either have a table or not but most importantly, when people come and stay with me they have a place to sleep! So that is what went down on Sunday. I'm definitely proud of myself. I'm not as inept in cooking as I thought. Now, I have to get myself ready to go to work. Ick.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Happy Easter everyone. Today is the day of rebirth. To start anew and in that spirit I did a little cleaning today. I did it mostly because I am having friends over for dinner and I didn't want to see how my apartment usually is but as I got going I really got into it. I went through boxes and threw away things I didn't need anymore. Like, old receipts and magazines that I have no idea why I kept in the first place, let alone why I brought them with me when I moved last year. I found things that I thought I lost or forgotten I had. I guess you could say that it's been a very productive day and the cleaning part didn't take me as long as I thought because I still have another half an hour before I should start cooking. Yes, I am cooking. I know for those who know me this is shocking because I never cook. I've never been really all that interested in and I'm also not very good. I'm sure one thing had to do with the other but I digress. I'm going to cook a roast, mashed potatoes and veggies and for dessert Carrot Cake. (It is Easter after all and it was on sale at Hy-Vee) I'm really excited about the whole thing. I'm pretty sure I will do fine but I am a bit worried about the roast though. I've never tried anything like this but really how hard could it be? I just put it in a little roasting pan and let it cook and a couple of hours later, it's done. Speaking of which, I better get myself going. Happy Easter and Spring Cleaning everyone!