Sunday, October 16, 2005

So I finally found a use for all of Kat's left over frozen vegetables.

Friday night, Sarah and I were going to meet some of her friends. She was setting two of them on a date, well not really a date per se but more of a social meeting that might in future turn into a date. So, we went to make it less awkward for them. That was cool. It had been a while since I had been downtown on a Friday night. The last couple of Friday nights, I have either been working, had other plans or I was being lame and just stayed in. I was kind of excited about the idea of going out. So, I got all decked out. I wore my one shoulder black shirt and my sexy jeans from the Gap and heels that Anna gave me. I don't wear heels all that often but being that I am a girl, one would think I should be able to walk in heels. Apparently that isn't true. Sarah and I had just gotten downtown, looking for food, when it happened. I fell down and twisted my ankle. Oh God did that hurt! And it was very embarrassing. I hadn't even been drinking yet! Since it was still early in our evening, I was a trooper and I walked all over Iowa City. By the time I got home, my ankle was really swollen. It was almost baseball size. The last couple of days, I have been icing my ankle with Kat's left over frozen vegetables. I knew how own personal frozen section in our freezer would come in handy. At the moment I am using her snow peas. Yesterday, I had Brussels sprouts on my ankle! It's been two days and I my ankle's swelling has gone down but I think it has swelled up a little from last night. It has also started to bruise a bit but apparently that is a good thing.

So what have I learned from all of this. Well, um, it's not that I'm going to stop wearing heels because damn did I look hot. A little less hot limping around but still hot. I did learn that if ever need a good ice pack, Frozen vegetables are great for that!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm so tired. I'm in the middle of a split shift and B&N. I went to work at 9 am for 4 hours. It sucked. Especially since I was planning on sleeping in this morning because I didn't have to do anything until 6:30 tonight. That's right, my shift, the one I was actually scheduled for starts at 6:30pm to close. So I was there before the store opened and I'm going to be there after it closes. Boy does that sucks. And I'm working for a fellow employee tomorrow morning at 9 too. When will I ever get to sleep?

Ok, I really shouldn't complain because I need the hours. I'm not hurting for money. I'm actually surprised that at my salary, I'm still able to pay my bills but I can't keep this up. The worry that I won't have enough at the end of the month is exhausting. I'm still hoping to have a full time job by Christmas. I sent my resume to KZIA last week and they immediately sent me an application, so that's a good sign right? The deadline to apply for the position is Monday, so I'm thinking I won't hear if they want to interview me until then. I still haven't heard back from the Director of programming from the Quad City Radio Group. I don't want to pester him but I would like to hear something for him. Personally, I think it is a bit rude that he doesn't email or call me back. If he doesn't have a position open then he should just tell me so I can look elsewhere. You know, all my life I have been told, if you go to college you will have a good job. Well, they lied. I went to college, graduated and now where's my job. Not that B&N isn't a good job. I just don't want to work in retail for the rest of my life. You know?

In other news, Everyone cheer for the White Sox and the Cardinals to make the World Series. Ever since Dad and I went last year, we have become addicted to it and man we want to go again!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

This is for my friend Lisa T.! I had no idea anyone actually read my little blog. It's nice to know I have a fan! So not to keep my loyal readers in suspense. We finally got our air conditioner fixed. So we were spared from the unseasonal warm weather, which is good because next week we are expected to get up in the 80's again. I know I can't believe it either.

In other news, Katharine is safely settled in Cardiff. She's only been gone a week and a half and every one misses her. Lisa T.'s birthday was yesterday at a little townie bar called Shakespeare's. I can't tell you how many people said to me, "I wish Katharine was here" or "Katharine would have something interesting to say about this". This is all nice but what about me? I kinda made me feel like a poor girls Katharine. That I'm not interesting enough for them. I know that is not what they meant but, well. I'm a little jealous that everyone misses her. I doubt that a week and half after I finally leave this town people will be saying those things about me. Maybe they will but I don't think so. Anyway, besides that it was a very good night. I love it when Lisa is in town. It's always a crazy night!

So, right now I am dying my hair. It's the first time I have died my hair by myself. I have always had my Mom or Katharine do it or paid someone to do it. I just hope I don't ruin my hair. That would really suck and I would not be happy. Well so far so good. I have like 15 more minutes before I rinse.

That's all that is going in my world at the moment. I promise to update more often. It won't be everyday or anything like that but more then maybe once every two months. I promise!