Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Adventureland USA!

My best friend from California is home for the week. We went to high school together and while I decided to stay in Iowa for college, she was the brave one and left the state for the LA area. You have no idea how much I admire her for doing that. I often think, where would I be if I actually applied to colleges outside of Iowa. Of course, then I wouldn't have gotten that fabulous in state tuition that I have now, Anyway, I digress. Her family moved to Des Moines about a year ago. DM is about two hours from where I live but the one plus I guess is that it's near Adventureland, the only theme park in the state. I don't remember who exactly came up with the idea to go but I have been dying to ride a rollercoaster for a while now. It was a lot of fun! I haven't been to Adventureland since I was in eighth grade and our band played in some kind of competition. That was a long time.

We left around noon from our apartment with Kat and our friend Melinda, who is a blast and has a new car with bunch of cool gadgets! Poor Lisa had to get a cavity filled so we actually got to her parent's before she did. It was ok, we just went to the local ice cream joint, called Moos! How cute is that? I bought some skittles that I almost immediately spilled in Melinda's car. Grr...I wanted that sugar! Anyway, we all met up and had a blast at Adventureland. So, some of the rollercoasters were a bit disappointing but then again I really have been spoiled from all the rides at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City but it was just great to hang out with my friends and do something different. There is this great ride called the Space Shot! It shoots you up in the air and for a second your flying! It was awesome. I skipped out of the "Inverter" and I'm glad I did. It looked fun but it didn't sound fun hanging up side down over concrete. *lol* So after Lisa, Kat and Melinda did that ride, we all decided to do another ride that hangs us upside down. Not the brightest thing we could have done. It hurts to hang upside down. *lol*

After Adventureland, we went to Lisa's fave local sports bar for dinner and watch the Lakers and the Pistons! Lisa who is a LA transplant is all for the lakers but I'm rooting for the Pistons! I have to give some love to the Midwest teams. Anyway, the Lakers have won three of the last four years. They have had enough. Apparently the Lakers won because Lisa called us on our way home to gloat. Oh well! It was a great trip! We should all do it again some time. Oh, I forgot the best part! There was no lines! The place was empty! That's the way to go to a theme park!!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Random Thoughts vol. 2

I saw Harry Potter 3 on Friday! Loved it! It was fantabulous!! Alfonso Curan did a great job. He was able to be faithful to the book but still make his own interpretation on the story. Well down Alfonso!

After the movie Elizabeth, Kat and I went to Bennigan's for dinner and to discuss the movie. What nerds we are but I got to have potato soup! I went two months without eating a potato. Which was quite a feat for me because I love potatoes! It was so good. It made me very happy.

My friend Lisa is in town for a wedding and we went out last night. We met up with some guys we went to high school with. Lisa was more their friends then I was. I barely knew most of them. We had a great time. We went to one bar that kinda sucked and then to another that was more our speed. The boys got in to a fight. Oh the drama! But it was mostly patched up by the time that we all drunkenly decided go to a strip club. *lol* So when Kat's friends get drunk they go to a porn shop, and mine a strip club. What interesting couple we keep.

Gaston Gaudio won Roland Garros!! Congrats to Gaston but I think in some ways I'm going to miss the flake of a player that Gaudio was but for now I am just happy for him.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Spelling Bee.

So I am watching the National Spelling Bee on ESPN. I didn't realize it was a sport but whatever. It's hypnotic. I turned it on to see if the tennis was over for today and an hour later it's still on. Spelling has never been my strong suit (as some of you may have noticed from reading this blog) but there has been a few words I could spell. Ok, only one but it was a hard one. I only knew it because it was the frankish family that ruled what is today France eons ago. So I guess I have learned something in college after all. How to spell MEROVINGIAN! And what made me feel even better was the little girl who was given the word didn't know! Take that Little Girl!!

Sitting here, watching this I wonder why would anyone want to be doing this. Why would any kid want to spend their free time trying to figure out how to spell obscure words that they will never need to know for the rest of their lives! I'm guessing that it doesn't get the boys and women in they grow up or vice versa. What can of pick up line is that. "When I was 12, I won the national spelling bee. Want to shag?" I just don't see it happening. But anyway more power to them for being able to spell words like SCHEHERAZACIAN**! Woohoo!

**which means suited fabulous or something like that.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Such a Child!

I feel like such a child! On my way into the movie theater Sunday, I wasn't watching where I was going and missed that some of the sidewalk dipped a bit. Needless to say I fell and skinned my knee. I can't tell you the last time I fell and skinned my knee. Probably when the training wheels finally came off my bike. *lol* I felt so foolish but at least there wasn't a lot of people around. That's good. The less people I can embarrass myself around the better. The real problem is now my knee really hurts. I had forgotten how painful skinned knees were and I noticed this morning that a bruise started to show up as well. I guess when I injure myself, I really injure myself. So the lesson here kids, is to pay attention where your walking because no one likes to have boo boos.