Saturday, January 28, 2006

Where were you?

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Challenger explosion. I vaguely remember it happening being that I had just turned 3 years old the month before it happen. I don't know if I actually remember mom sitting my sister and I down to watch a replay to explain what happen or if I have just heard my sister tell the story so many times that I think I remember it. It was definitely one of those events that people ask the question, "Where were you?" For my parents generation and older, it is "Where were you when John F. Kennedy was murdered?" I guess for is it's either, "Where were you when Princess Diana died?" or "Where were you on September 11?" Whatever the day is, supposedly it's one of those events that is supposed to bring us together, right. Something that we are all supposed to have in common because one way or another we all experienced the same thing.

So where was I? I was coming up the stairs to go to bed and to say good night to mom when Princess Diana died. She was flipping channels and came across one of the news channels reporting about it. First they were saying that Diana was just sent to the hospital with a broken arm and 20 minutes later she was dead. There was mom and I crying over someone we had never met. Years later, I was getting on the bus to go back to my dorm room. People were talking about how a plane had just crashed into the U.N. building. I really wasn't paying attention but I made a point to turn on the TV when I got back to my room. I got back just in time to see the second plane crash into the second tower. It was so surreal, like a movie. That's where I was. Where were you?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yeah for Weekends!

It's been a while since I have had the full weekend off. I almost didn't know what to do with myself. I slept in until noon on both days. And didn't get out of my pj's until around 2pm. I colored my hair. I think I finally got my hair to the perfect shade of red. I've always wanted to be a redhead, you know. I finished re-reading Harry Potter number six and yes I did cry again at the end. I went shopping. I bought 3 pairs of pants and 2 sweaters for $35 at Old Navy. How amazing is that? I went out Saturday night and played pool. Ok, so that really isn't that different from any other night. I also went to a movie. I saw Brokeback Mountain. I really enjoyed it. It was beautifully done. Heath Ledger did such an incredible job. I've been a fan of his since his short lived TV series, Roar. I love him. And Michelle Williams. I almost forgot she was ever on Dawson's Creek. I definitely recommend it. If you get a chance to see it, see it. Sure there we many things I probably should have done instead of what I did but I can do those things later. I mean, It's been so long since the last time I had both Saturday and Sunday off and lucky me I get it off next week too. :D I know not to get too used to it, so I better enjoy it while I can. I love weekends, I really do.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Australian Open starts in 5 hours!!

I had no idea how much work goes into writing the perfect resume. I think I'm on my fourth or fifth draft. Thank God I have Stephanie and Anna to help me out because I would be lost. We have made real progress and I think we might have got it into good enough shape that I can send it out. I was hoping to have it ready by Tuesday so I can fax a copy of my resume and cover letter to's office in Chicago. For those who do not know the wonder that is, check out there site. If you want to find the best deals on airfare and hotels, this is the place to look. One of my hobbies is too look up deals for travel on the internet. I like to sit at my computer and dream of where I would go if I could go anywhere. So it goes without saying, I would LOVE to work for travelzoo. I realize that I'm probably a long shot for the position and that I would be lucky to get an interview but you never know until you apply. What is that line in Win a date with Tad Hamilton? "Your chances improve when you fill out an application. So Tuesday is the day. I'm going to fax my resume and they are going to see what asset I will be and hire me right on the spot!

In the meantime, tomorrow I am going to Davenport to talk to Mr. Kennedy but what he has available at his station. I'm not sure what to expect. He may have something and he may not. It will probably be on of those, "well it was nice to finally meet you. I'll keep you in mind if something opens up" type of deals. That's fine. At least it will be something. If I do get a job there, even if it for a couple of months, that experience will go a long way to reaching my ultimate career goal of being a sports radio producer.

It's kind of funny. Two weeks ago, I felt like I was running out of options and now I feel like I have so many opportunities. Maybe I am just fooling myself but I don't care. I haven't felt this good about myself in a long time. I'm doing something. I am finally make steps to do something that I really want to do. One of my heroes is my best friend Lisa. She left. When she said she was going to go to school out of the state, she actually did. Now she is living in Los Angelos with a great job and doing what she wants to do. I wish I was as brave as her when I was deciding where to go to college. And now my sister is in Wales, doing what she loves. If they both can do it, then why can't I. I'm only moving three and half hours away not half-way across the country or on the other side of the Atlantic. I can do this and I will do this. Again, if anyone needs a couch to sleep on, I am going to have the most comfortable couch ever! :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Sometimes it's the little things that make me happy. Like watching someone trying to parallel park or the latest Oprah book not being all that it is supposed to be. Ok, so maybe they aren't on the same level but they both make me smile a bit. I do respect Oprah. I think she does some wonderful things and her rags to riches story is (for lack of a better word) inspiring but I don't really like her. I find her to be a egomaniac. I mean, does she have to be on the cover of every single issue of her own magazine? Does she have to publicize every charity event she does? It's great that she wants to help her viewers lose weight and redecorate their homes but does she have to force on them. I think what bothers me the most is that she has such a loyal fan base that they will do anything she tells them too. They are nothing but clones. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad they will read it, buy it or wear it. It's just sad.

Which brings me to her latest book club selection, A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. It's supposed to be a biography of how Mr. Frey gets himself over his many addictions. Well, it turns out that some of his "life" is made up. Apparently, in his "memoirs" he talks about a time when he assaulted a police officer in Ohio and incited a riot. Well, this was news to the police department that was supposed to happen. Oops. So the lesson here for everyone is if your going to fabricate some of your life, don't let your book be selected for Oprah's book club because it will be become a best seller because her lemmings will buy it in bulk and then people will look up your police record and find out you are lying. Wow, that was a really long sentence.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

So, I have made an important decision.

I am moving. I like Iowa City but it's time to move on. After I passed over for the second time for a promotion at work, I was really low. The first thought that crossed my mind is that nobody wants me. I have been sending out resumes and applying to varies companies and nothing has come out of them. What I really want to do is a radio producer but I keep being told that I don't have enough experience. Even when I had applied for an internship they said I didn't have enough experience. For a freaking' internship! That is what they are designed for is to gain experience. So, being passed over again and given the same excuse as the time before was the last straw. Being told that I had all the qualifications and that I could do the job did make the let down any easier. Ok, it is true that I have no intentions of working for Barnes and Noble for the rest of my life and retail is not my career goal but I do a good job and I kind of feel like because I am responsible and reliable that I taken for granted some times.

This is all going to change because I am moving. Iowa City may not be the city for me. I think my boss has done me a favor. I never intended to stay here as long as I have. For one thing, when my dad accepted the job in Iowa, we were under the impression that we would only be here for about two years. 10 years later we are still here. When I was a senior in high school, I was going to apply to colleges out of state but since I didn't know what I wanted to study it didn't make sense for me to pay out of state tuition when I could pay in state. So I decided that I would get all of my Gen Ed's out of the way and transfer after two years. Two years came and went and then I thought well, I'm half way done. I might as well finish here and save my money so I could move after I graduated. I did that in May, so really the only thing that is keeping me here is me. I am tired of holding myself back. So, I'm going to finish out my lease on my apartment and then move. That gives me seven months to find a job and an apartment in Chicago and get out of this state! First time in a long time I feel good. I know I will miss the people I work with and the people I know here but it's not like I'm going far away or anything like that. I need to do this. I need to do something different with my life. I need to see if I am able to live on my own. I need to see if I can take care of myself. I know I can do it, I just need to do it. So come August, when you want to see me you will have to come to Chicago! I'll have the couch waiting for you.