Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Monthly Update

So, if you lose 20 lbs. with Nutrisystem, they send you a bear. I did not know this until I opened my box of next months food and there it was. A purple bear! I love it! I think it was the inspiration I needed because I haven't had a very good week. I blame Thanksgiving. I did well on the actual dinner it has been the consent going out and since then that has screwed me up. I went out Friday, Saturday, Sunday (but was home early) and Monday. Every night at Old Chicago. The good news is that I am half way to getting a t-shirt! It says Blitzen on it! Sweet!

Other than that things are going well. The holiday season is full swing. Work is getting busier except during a ice storm. I have started to put up my Christmas decorations. I got a Christmas tree, lights and singing Penguins. At the moment, my tree is only lit because all of my ornaments are still at home. This will be remedy tomorrow when I help mom decorate their tree and then I think I am going to take her to see some singing and dancing penguins on the big screen! I have already seen it and LOVED IT!

Ok, I can't think of anything else to write so I will leave you all with this photo. The Claus Nativity!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


As of today, I have lost 20 lbs! I'm super stoked at the moment. Of course, I don't think having hash browns and huge omelet for breakfast didn't help things but I was meeting with my friend Melinda, who I haven't seen in so long! Anyways, I've lost 20lbs! Go Me! I'm only 43 more to go before my goal but I'm 20lbs closer then I was 2 months ago. But I have to stay focused. It was around this point when I was on South Beach that I started to lose interest or got unfocused. Of course it was also my senior year in college and I was just trying to keep my head up and not get all bogged down in stress and papers but nonetheless, I have stay focus. I have a cabinent stocked with food and I just bought more fruits and veggies, that I think I will be ok. When Katharine and I joined Curves, Pauline, who worked there, said that she could tell that we were ready to make the commitment and lose the weight. Well, I think Katharine was more then I was. This time I really am ready. In six months I am going to be so hot, you won't even recognize me. That is if you know me. *lol*