Sunday, October 24, 2004

World Series Baby!!
I'm not the biggest baseball fan. I'll admit. I used to be crazy about the sport but then I watched one too many Kansas City Royals games. You could say I had enough. But I think I'm ready for a come back. My return began last year during the post season. I was glued to both the National and American league Championship Series. The Cubs and the Marlins and Red Sox and Yankees. It was amazing. I had an in to buy World Series tickets but the stupid Cubs choked. Yep, they choked and then blamed it on a fan. How low is that?
This year I got on all the Midwest teams email lists just in case one of them made it. The St. Louis Cardinals, the best team in Baseball, was my best chance so when I registered to buy tickets online and won I was thrilled. My dad I got tickets for Game 4, way in left field. All was well until the Cardinals lost three games in a row after winning the first 2. I was starting to get nervous. No way, was I going to have the tickets in hand and find out they were not valid because the series would be played in Houston. I have nothing against the Astros but I wanted to go a World Series game and they are just too far for me to drive. Anyway, the Cards came back to win the series so I'm all set! I can't wait for Wednesday.
Of course now the dilemma. I'm an American League girl. I grew up watching the Royals and think the Pitcher batting is just silly and a wasted batter in a line-up, so I always tend to root for the American League team and this year it's the Boston Red Sox. How awesome would it be if they won after all these years? I can respect the Red Sox because after their heartbreaking lost to the Yankees last year. They didn't complain or blame some innocent fan who did what any of us done in that situation. They just went back to the drawing board and came back with an outstanding line-up and great bullpen. But I got my tickets from a National League team. So I'm rooting for the Sox to win the series but will cheer for the Cardinals for game 4. I find it best to root for the home team. I know it's the Midwest but then again it is St. Louis, anyway I really do not want to tempt fate. Maybe I should just say. Let the Best team win!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm a wee bit tired.
I just took a two hour nap. I didn't plan on it being that long or really even falling asleep. I just wanted to lay down in my bed for a few minutes and listen to Around the Horn on in the other room. But I fell asleep. It was nice. I never used to be able to take naps until I went to college. I guess I have learned to take advantage of any opportunity to catch some zzz's because I don't get a lot anymore. The plight of the college student.
Today is Kat and Mine's "Birthday". As you might gather from the quotes around Birthday that is actually isn't our birthday. Kat is a summer baby and I'm a winter but for whatever reason people seem to think we are twins. Maybe it's because we live together or we actually enjoy spending time with each other. I guess that's rare for sisters. I really don't know but we think it's funny because we don't think we are anything alike. We are night and day. Kat is more outgoing and I'm more stay at home. Kat is more of an academic and can't wait to go back to school and I can't wait to get out. We are alike in some ways. We enjoy the same sports but usually root for different players. We both enjoy reading but have different taste in literature. We usually enjoy the same movies but I usually prefer the Hollywood blockbuster and Kat likes foreign films. I think you get the picture. Anyway, since today is our "Birthday" we bought each other presents and are going to exchange them letter. Then we are going to go out to eat or to a movie. I've been looking forward to it all day! Happy Non-Birthday Kat!!