Friday, December 19, 2003

Off for a month!

It was a tough semester but it's over! As of 8:00 this morning when I walked out of Phillips Hall after completing my Social Science final, I am free for a month. No homework, papers or exams for a month. I can read whatever I want! It's all very exciting! I did enjoy the classes I took this semester, excluding Social Science. One of the classes was about book production in the Middle Ages. It was just fascinating on how books used to be made all by hand. It was a slow process but the quality is beyond anything we have now a days. They were made on parchment which is basically indestructible, as long as it isn't attacked by bookworms or is in a fire. This class inspired me to take a book making class in the spring. I'm totally stoked about that because it's the first art class I've taken since high school!

Now that school is out of the way, I can look forward to the holidays. I have my shopping done and I just have to wrap a few more presents and send out cards. To be honest, I liked the holidays a lot more before I worked in retail but I've decided that no matter how rude or obnoxious the customers are the last couple of days leading up to Christmas, I'm not going to let it dampen my spirit. Earlier this week Kat and I went to the store and bought big lighted stars. We were going to hang them on our porch but then we discovered that we didn't have an outlet outside so Kat hang them up in our kitchen window so they can be seen outside. We also bought fake snow and stencils. We could never do that at home because we had cats. And we also have my scooby Christmas lights, that my mom bought me last year, in the living room and the wreath on the door. We are officially decorated for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Yeah to be Legal!

So, this weekend I turned 21 this weekend. I decided to celebrate this momentous occasion in LA. My best friend Lisa goes to school in the area so I stayed with her. She and her friends took me to this great bar on Sunset Blvd. called the Saddle Ranch. Maybe I over did it a bit but Hey! It was my 21! I think I can be forgiven this one time. In a way I really don't feel that different. The only difference between this week and last that now I can legally buy myself an alcoholic drink if I want too. Personally, I think it's a ridiculous law. According to the Government at 18 I am old enough to have a say in how our Government is run, serve in it's army and buy a pack of cigarettes (which last time I checked was also hazardous to one's health) but you are not old enough to buy a beer? I don't see the logic. It does not stop anyone from drinking and if anything it makes it almost the more attractive to drink because it's "forbidden". Oh well, that is all in the past now because I'm legal!

Back to the real world. I came home to 32 degree weather and right now we are in the middle of a "winter snow" It rained for most of the day and is snowing at the moment. The last report says we are going to get an inch but I've heard any where from an inch to 4-5. That isn't that bad but I'm a little concerned about the ice that might form. Ice is a bitch! You can't drive or walk on it and since it's the last week of classes I really can't afford to stay home because the bus isn't running. This is just another joy of having seasons, I guess.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Monday Night Football!

I'm not the biggest football fan. Why is it called football anyway? The only time that one's foot actually comes in contact with the ball is at kick-off, extra points, punts and field goals. For everything else, the foot has nothing really to do with the ball. Now, calling soccer football make sense and the rest of the world seems to understand but hey! I guess we have to be different. Ok, mini-rant over.

Despite the fact that I don't usually watch football, Kat and I have been meeting our two friends Andy and Nancy at a local sports bar to watch Monday Night Football. Of course we really don't watch too much of the game. We spend most of our time talking, mostly bitching about work or discussing current events or we are distracted by one of the smaller TV's that's showing that ESPN "reality show" of a bunch of models who fish or whatever. Anyway, so I really don't go to watch the game but I go to hang out with friends. I never thought that I would ever look forward to Monday Night Football but I really have. And I've actually enjoyed the little bit of the game that I actually saw and started to pay attention to what's going on in the sport. Football be my favorite sport but I think I finally understand it's appeal.