Saturday, June 30, 2007

Week From Hell

Ok, so I think I can finally talk about it. I think I am now calm enough to talk about the worst or what felt like the worst week of my life. First, Sunday, after having an absolutely fabulous weekend with my mom at the Mall of America, I was driving to work. I was stopped by a police for not stopping at a stop sign. I will admit that I did kind of roll on through but no one was coming and the mall wasn't even over. The Cop though said I just kept on going as if I didn't even see the sign, not true! Anyway, I was couldn't find my car's registration. I know I had it but I just couldn't find it. Well, it turns out that I did have it but it was a lot bigger then the older ones so I did see it I just didn't think it was it, if that makes sense. Good news, I did find it before I went to the Jo. Co. Treasurer's office to get a new one. Well, that just put me in a really bad mood all day. I tried to cheer myself on Monday by wearing my new dress I bought but it really didn't work and then Tuesday was about the same but then the shit really hit the fan. I mean that literally. I was really tired on Tuesday. I guess, my bad mood really wore me down, so Tuesday I went to bed early. Good thing. Around 11:15 I heard a thud. I got up to check things out. It looked like a pillow exploded all over the place. I turned on the light to find out that part of my ceiling had fallen. It knocked over a fan and a lamp. I didn't know what to do so I called dad, I left a voice mail for my apartment owner and then met a few friends from work for a beer. I needed to calm nerves. Around 7am my phone rings and the caller id says that it's the owner calling, I answer but no one is there. I leave another message thinking it was just a glitch. I try to sleep for another hour because I know that his office isn't open for another hour. I call the office at 8am. I talk to him. He says he will send someone this afternoon. Well, I really think someone is going to get to me before then right, I mean my ceiling has caved in! Around 2, I call back to see what's going on. I get the owner's son, he didn't seem to know what was going on and he would call me back with more details on the maitenance man. Ok, great. 3pm rolls around and I'm thinking it shouldn't take an hour to find out what the maitenance man. So, I call back. I get a girl this time, I explain what's going on, she puts me on hold, asks around, then gets back to me and says, the maitenance man is in a meeting until 7, he'll call after that. What! Well, 10 minutes later the son calls back to tell me that the "mm" is on his way. He comes and is like wow, that's bad. You think? He doesn't know what to do. He thinks maybe there is a leak on the roof that soaked down into the insulation to make it wet and heavy to make the roof fall but we couldn't see any wet spot but the ceiling is definitely damp but here's the thing. He didn't bring a ladder. If your told to looke at someone's ceiling, you would bring a roof. He calls the son, the son brings the ladder, they go on the roof and I go have a beer with my neighbor Helen. Well, there was a leak on the roof and they get that fixed but the bad news is that there is nothing they can do about my ceiling that night so I still had ceiling shit all over my apartment. Great. I had to be at work at 7 the next morning, so I was told that someone was going to be in my apartment to work on it but I wasn't really all that confident that would happen after Wednesday's fiasco. I fully expected to come back from work to find nothing had been done. Well, good news, there was someone working on my ceiling and he was almost done. He finishes and then tells me, he would call the owner to get someone to clean it up. What! He's not going to do it! He leaves and I'm shell shocked. I no longer have a whole in my ceiling but my apartment is worse then before. There is more insulation on my floor and it was all over the place. At least before it was some what confined to half of my living room. I was really confused. I just assumed that the contractor would clean things up after he was done dry walling, so I called the office again and got the son again. He didn't know for sure when the person was going to come, he was going to call his dad and call back. He did, this time it only took him about 10 minutes to get back to me. I wish he had waited. Basically I got scolded by his dad. The cliff notes version is that I should stop calling because it's not going to make anything go faster, he's stress enough as it is but is trying the best he can and that he is sorry this happened. What! Excuse Me! Can you believe it? Fuck Him! He's stressed out! He doesn't have to leave with. I only wanted to know what was going on. I think I have the right to know what was going on since it was my belongings that were covered in shit from his leaky roof!! Is that so wrong? How dare he yell at me! I called my mom, in tears, I was really upset. I couldn't believe it. After the week I have had, I really didn't need that. Mom, was finishing up her laundry and then take me out to dinner to calm me down. She got there the same time, the clean up man came. The first thing he says when he sees the mess is "Holy Shit!" I'm like, yeah! No kidding! What do these people think I have been complaining about? Dinner was great and by the time we got back my apartment was clean and back to normal. So, that's it. That is my week. Today, fortunately, it got better. Mom and I saw Ratotouille! It was wonderful go see it! Then we grilled brats and I played with mittens. Definitely a better day!