Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Olympic Fever Baby!!!
I am sure that everyone is aware that the Olympics are being competed in Athens right now. Well, not right now because it's like almost 2am in Greece but you know what I mean. I really dig the Olympics. Kat says that Patriotism only truly belongs in sports. Let everyone play on the even field and let the best win. I think that is what makes the Olympics special. I couldn't be more happy for our Men's Gymnastics team for winning the silver. The first medal for them in 20 years! I think it's so cool that Michael Phelps has a chance to win eight medals this year. It doesn't matter to me that he won't be able to break Mark Spitz's record because I didn't think he would do it but so far he has three gold's and two bronzes medal. How cool is that? I also think it's cool that the Iraqi soccer team is 2-0 in competition so far and that both Iraq and Afghanistan have women competing for the first time. So, there may have been something good come out of the US invading both of their countries. While our men's basketball team has been sucking it up on the court our women have been nothing but devastating the competition and when the boys failed to qualify for soccer and baseball (how embarrassing is that?), our women are doing us proud with win after win. That really makes me proud to be an American Woman!
For all those reasons I love watching the Olympics. The stories, the feats and the competition are amazing. They only happy every four years, well I guess every two years with the summer and winter games rotating back and fourth but that is just a minor detail because for these athletes they only come every four years. Until then, I will watch and cheer and enjoy them until they are over. Go USA!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It's F***ing Cold!
It is August 11 and it's freaking cold outside. I am sitting in my living room in a sweatshirt and blanket! This is not normal. It should be so hot that I am sweating into little puddles not huddled on layers. This year's weather has been so odd. Iowa's weather is always up and down but lately it's been having real mood swings. Just last week it was in the 90's, then it rained and was in a comfy mid-70's but now it's just ridiculous! I just do not know what to do about it.
In other news, Kat and I discovered a new movie. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Ok not the best movie but it has a wicked soundtrack and the delicious Diego Luna in it! So HOT!!! Love it! I highly recommend it. It's not really a sequel but a different telling of the story. It has a lot of the same elements, including Patrick Swayze and did I mention Diego!! HHHHOOOOOTTTT!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Oh my Sunburn!
My dad, Kat and I went to two days of the Western and Southern Financial Group Masters in Cincinnati. I love this tournament. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for it because it was the first tennis tournament I ever went to but I like the atmosphere of it. The people are friendly, the site is easy to get around and the draw is always good. There were so many great match ups, I was in heaven. Not to mention one of the first players I saw when I arrived on Monday was Juan Carlos Ferrero. *hearts* He's so dreamy. I don't care if he is absolutely in love with his gorgeous girlfriend, he is a beautiful beautiful man and I will continue to gawk at him. And not to make myself seem shallow. I do love to watch him play. He has a great ground game and covers the court like few others. Check him out if you get a chance.
unfortunately my brilliant plan to even out my farmer's tan kind of back fired on me. It worked to a certain extent because I'm no longer pale on my arms but not my shoulders are burnt and it's so painful. I did wear sunscreen but the usual layers I wear. Getting sunburns in the shoulders is just a bad place to get sunburns because you use your shoulders so often. Anyway, I am in pain but with all the great tennis I saw this week it was worth it.
My dad and I co-authored a book. Coming of Age: Andy Roddick's Breakthrough Year, so we were there to promote it a bit. It was also a chance to see real sports journalists in action. I want that job some day! Kat was dad's photographer, so she was one happy bunny. She was all over the place taking photos and even started to bond with the other photographers. We also met up with our friends Mel and Christine. It's great to meet up with friends and watch some incredibly attractive young men perform in front of you. God Bless Tennis.