Sunday, December 26, 2004

Happy Holiday!

Yesterday was Christmas, as you all know. It was a good day. I enjoyed it immensely. I always do. I love being with my family. We are very low key. We get up about 9 or 10, have breakfast and then open presents. We go around in a circle and open on present at a time. I like that. It gives all a chance to see what we all got. This year my family decided that we were not going to go overboard with presents and save money to go on a family trip later this year. So we all got one big presents. I got new glasses for entertaining. A strange present since my mom wants thought I was an alcoholic. I don't think she was ever serious about it but it's become a family joke. For the record I am not an alcoholic.
After we finish unwrapping our presents we start preparations for our dinner. We eat during the day around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and after we eat we go to a movie. This year, we all got new DVD's of comedian Eddie Izzard. He is such a funny funny man. I LOOOOVVVVEEE him! We had a little mini Eddie marathon in our house. Sometime during the day, we got the annual holiday greeting from the Grandparents. Everyone else in the family was with them in South Carolina. I know they would have loved us to be there too but when three of the four of us work in retail, we really can't travel to far this time of the year.
The fun thing about this year was wondering where we are all going to be next year. I assume that my parents will still be here this time next year but I doubt Kat and I will be. Kat is applying for Grad School. She is being courted by Harvard but her first choice is the University of Cardiff in Wales. I can celebrate Christmas in Wales. :D I, graduate this year, and hopefully (keeping fingers crossed) will have a job in radio outside of Iowa. I'm really not that picky as long as it's warmer then here. A lot can change in a year. Who knows where we all will be.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Peter Jackson is a freakin Genius! Yes, he had a great material to work with. Tolkien was also a freakin' Genius but I guess it's no surprise that the Lord of the Rings Trilogy would turn out so brilliantly when you have two Genius working together! The extended edition of the Return of the King came out today and I just happened to have a gift card to Best Buy! I'm watching it right now and it has been so wonderful! The new scenes have been placed in so seamlessly. It's BRILLIANT!! I love these movies! Yeah!
In other news, my semester is almost over. I have one more final left. I'm kind of excited and kind of anxious because I have only one more semester left! Ahh!! I am so ready to be out of college but not ready to be a full-fledge adult. You know what I mean. Thanks to my internship with NPR, I decided to pursue a career in radio but I'm not exactly sure where to begin. When do I start sending in resumes? How do I go about looking for jobs out of state? It's just so confusing. I just rather not think about it, right now.
Back to the movie! Go Frodo!!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

My monthly update or whatever.
So a month has gone by since my last update. I have been busy but really I am just too lazy to update this on a regular basis. My internship is going well with
WSUI AM 910. I have been engineering for one program on a regular basis, Live from Prairie Lights. Prairie Lights is a small independent bookstore in Iowa City. I always feel guilty when I'm there because I work for the big bad Barnes and Noble. The big business that takes business from the little guys. Julie, the host, knows I work for B&N but I don't think any one else does. I wonder what they would think if they found out? Not that it makes a difference because I am there to work for WSUI but I wonder if they think I'm some kind of spy. *lol* That would be funny.
My mom and I just came back from shopping at the Mall of America. I love that place. It is really a special place for me and my mom. We go a couple times a year. The last time we went up in October, my sister Kat and our friend Anna (who is basically the third sister in our family, ok maybe the fourth after Mittens) and that was just a blast! Mom and I have gone so many times that we basically know what we want to do when we get there. We never feel rushed or anything like that. This time we went to a movie. We haven't see a movie there for a while but we had more time this time. We saw Bridget Jones' sequel. So funny! That woman is so ridiculous! She's funny. I really don't know what to say but our time together is really special and I always look forward to going. It may seem weird that I go on weekend trips with my mom. but then again it must seem weird that I live with my sister and she is one of my best friends. I know that most of my friends do not have the same relationship with their familes I do. It's kind of sad that we maybe in the minority but my family is very important to me. I don't know what I do with out them. I guess it helps that we all have some of th same interests and where we differ, we support each other in theirs. I probably would know nothing about India if Kat had not gone to study there or I would have never know that I enjoy watching boxing if my dad did not watch it. I guess that's what makes our family special. But since I seem to be rambling, I'll end it here. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

World Series Baby!!
I'm not the biggest baseball fan. I'll admit. I used to be crazy about the sport but then I watched one too many Kansas City Royals games. You could say I had enough. But I think I'm ready for a come back. My return began last year during the post season. I was glued to both the National and American league Championship Series. The Cubs and the Marlins and Red Sox and Yankees. It was amazing. I had an in to buy World Series tickets but the stupid Cubs choked. Yep, they choked and then blamed it on a fan. How low is that?
This year I got on all the Midwest teams email lists just in case one of them made it. The St. Louis Cardinals, the best team in Baseball, was my best chance so when I registered to buy tickets online and won I was thrilled. My dad I got tickets for Game 4, way in left field. All was well until the Cardinals lost three games in a row after winning the first 2. I was starting to get nervous. No way, was I going to have the tickets in hand and find out they were not valid because the series would be played in Houston. I have nothing against the Astros but I wanted to go a World Series game and they are just too far for me to drive. Anyway, the Cards came back to win the series so I'm all set! I can't wait for Wednesday.
Of course now the dilemma. I'm an American League girl. I grew up watching the Royals and think the Pitcher batting is just silly and a wasted batter in a line-up, so I always tend to root for the American League team and this year it's the Boston Red Sox. How awesome would it be if they won after all these years? I can respect the Red Sox because after their heartbreaking lost to the Yankees last year. They didn't complain or blame some innocent fan who did what any of us done in that situation. They just went back to the drawing board and came back with an outstanding line-up and great bullpen. But I got my tickets from a National League team. So I'm rooting for the Sox to win the series but will cheer for the Cardinals for game 4. I find it best to root for the home team. I know it's the Midwest but then again it is St. Louis, anyway I really do not want to tempt fate. Maybe I should just say. Let the Best team win!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm a wee bit tired.
I just took a two hour nap. I didn't plan on it being that long or really even falling asleep. I just wanted to lay down in my bed for a few minutes and listen to Around the Horn on in the other room. But I fell asleep. It was nice. I never used to be able to take naps until I went to college. I guess I have learned to take advantage of any opportunity to catch some zzz's because I don't get a lot anymore. The plight of the college student.
Today is Kat and Mine's "Birthday". As you might gather from the quotes around Birthday that is actually isn't our birthday. Kat is a summer baby and I'm a winter but for whatever reason people seem to think we are twins. Maybe it's because we live together or we actually enjoy spending time with each other. I guess that's rare for sisters. I really don't know but we think it's funny because we don't think we are anything alike. We are night and day. Kat is more outgoing and I'm more stay at home. Kat is more of an academic and can't wait to go back to school and I can't wait to get out. We are alike in some ways. We enjoy the same sports but usually root for different players. We both enjoy reading but have different taste in literature. We usually enjoy the same movies but I usually prefer the Hollywood blockbuster and Kat likes foreign films. I think you get the picture. Anyway, since today is our "Birthday" we bought each other presents and are going to exchange them letter. Then we are going to go out to eat or to a movie. I've been looking forward to it all day! Happy Non-Birthday Kat!!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

I have really nothing to say but I have neglected my blog long enough. So I've gone back to school. This is supposedly my last year in College. I should graduate in the Spring unless I get into the U of I's J school this semester. I'll have another year of classes if I do. Recently, I got an internship at my local NPR station. I'm pretty psyched about that. I never really thought about doing radio before but it will be a great way to see how real journalist work and learn new skills that may come in handy. You never know, right? Um. what else. I've working a lot. It's becoming dangerous to work in a book store lately. Ok, not dangerous but with all the political books coming out this year, people are ready to pounce on anything. I had someone tell me that bookstores should have more "important" books out in the main aisle like Dr. Laura (I fail to see how she can be important) instead of promoting our liberal bias. Whatever. We don't write the books we just sell them and there are plenty of books from both sides. Yesterday, we almost had two customers come to blow over Unfit for Command. It definitely makes life interesting at work. So, anyway, that's it for now. i think that should tie me over for a bit.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Olympic Fever Baby!!!
I am sure that everyone is aware that the Olympics are being competed in Athens right now. Well, not right now because it's like almost 2am in Greece but you know what I mean. I really dig the Olympics. Kat says that Patriotism only truly belongs in sports. Let everyone play on the even field and let the best win. I think that is what makes the Olympics special. I couldn't be more happy for our Men's Gymnastics team for winning the silver. The first medal for them in 20 years! I think it's so cool that Michael Phelps has a chance to win eight medals this year. It doesn't matter to me that he won't be able to break Mark Spitz's record because I didn't think he would do it but so far he has three gold's and two bronzes medal. How cool is that? I also think it's cool that the Iraqi soccer team is 2-0 in competition so far and that both Iraq and Afghanistan have women competing for the first time. So, there may have been something good come out of the US invading both of their countries. While our men's basketball team has been sucking it up on the court our women have been nothing but devastating the competition and when the boys failed to qualify for soccer and baseball (how embarrassing is that?), our women are doing us proud with win after win. That really makes me proud to be an American Woman!
For all those reasons I love watching the Olympics. The stories, the feats and the competition are amazing. They only happy every four years, well I guess every two years with the summer and winter games rotating back and fourth but that is just a minor detail because for these athletes they only come every four years. Until then, I will watch and cheer and enjoy them until they are over. Go USA!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

It's F***ing Cold!
It is August 11 and it's freaking cold outside. I am sitting in my living room in a sweatshirt and blanket! This is not normal. It should be so hot that I am sweating into little puddles not huddled on layers. This year's weather has been so odd. Iowa's weather is always up and down but lately it's been having real mood swings. Just last week it was in the 90's, then it rained and was in a comfy mid-70's but now it's just ridiculous! I just do not know what to do about it.
In other news, Kat and I discovered a new movie. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. Ok not the best movie but it has a wicked soundtrack and the delicious Diego Luna in it! So HOT!!! Love it! I highly recommend it. It's not really a sequel but a different telling of the story. It has a lot of the same elements, including Patrick Swayze and did I mention Diego!! HHHHOOOOOTTTT!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Oh my Sunburn!
My dad, Kat and I went to two days of the Western and Southern Financial Group Masters in Cincinnati. I love this tournament. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for it because it was the first tennis tournament I ever went to but I like the atmosphere of it. The people are friendly, the site is easy to get around and the draw is always good. There were so many great match ups, I was in heaven. Not to mention one of the first players I saw when I arrived on Monday was Juan Carlos Ferrero. *hearts* He's so dreamy. I don't care if he is absolutely in love with his gorgeous girlfriend, he is a beautiful beautiful man and I will continue to gawk at him. And not to make myself seem shallow. I do love to watch him play. He has a great ground game and covers the court like few others. Check him out if you get a chance.
unfortunately my brilliant plan to even out my farmer's tan kind of back fired on me. It worked to a certain extent because I'm no longer pale on my arms but not my shoulders are burnt and it's so painful. I did wear sunscreen but the usual layers I wear. Getting sunburns in the shoulders is just a bad place to get sunburns because you use your shoulders so often. Anyway, I am in pain but with all the great tennis I saw this week it was worth it.
My dad and I co-authored a book. Coming of Age: Andy Roddick's Breakthrough Year, so we were there to promote it a bit. It was also a chance to see real sports journalists in action. I want that job some day! Kat was dad's photographer, so she was one happy bunny. She was all over the place taking photos and even started to bond with the other photographers. We also met up with our friends Mel and Christine. It's great to meet up with friends and watch some incredibly attractive young men perform in front of you. God Bless Tennis.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I've been doing some thinking?
In little less then a month I am going to start my senior year of college.  Only two semesters to go before I graduate.  The thought literally scares me but I digress.  I am  a semester away from finishing up my History major and a few credits short of a journalism minor.  So, am I crazy to even be thinking of applying to the J school this semester?  I am so close to being done.  I should be thinking of getting my resume in order and looking for full time employment, not adding another major.  I have several different theories. 
1. I really don't want to graduate because that means, I really have to be an adult.  The end of financial help from my parents, working full time, dealing with insurance and all the other responsibilities that comes with being an Adult.  Now, don't miss understand me.  I have been paying rent and my own bills for more then two years now but I do not feel like I'm completely independent of my parents yet and I like having that safety net. 
2. Now that I am almost finished with school I realize how much I actually enjoy it.  I did not believe people when they say that I would miss school after I graduate but I'm beginning to understand.  I enjoy being in the class room with people of the same interests.  I am not the best student when it comes to doing homework and I always seem to wait for the last minute to write papers but I love to research things.  That truly is my favorite part.  Give me a subject and I'll go look it up.  Academia and I have not always got along and I doubt that I could ever be a student for the rest of my life.  I don't think I'll be going to graduate school anytime soon but I know I will miss college.
3. After spending my first three years of College having absolutely no idea of what I wanted to do with my life, I think I have finally decided what I want to do.  I would really love to be a tennis journalist.  Cover the sport around the world.  That would be cool.  If not specifically tennis, a sports journalist.  Journalism used to be a field that you didn't need specific training to be a journalist.  You learned as you went but it's become a better science.  If I am truly serious about working as a journalist, it would benefit me to take the journalism course.  So, I think.
It's times like this that I wish I was more serious about studies my first couple of years of school because my gpa is not exactly stellar.  If anything, that is what is going to hurt me when I apply for the J school but I think I have had enough experience working as a journalist at tennis tournaments.  If I am accepted, I figure that I will only have another year of school to complete it.  I only have a semester left for my History degree and I because I am minoring in Journalism already, I have already taken some classes and all of my Gen Ed's are completed.  So, all I would have left would be the required labs. 
Maybe this will work out and maybe it won't but I'm going to try.  Who knows, maybe I'll go through all the program and find out it was unnecessary or maybe I will find out that it was will with my time.  Who knows.  I'm just finally happy that I have made up my mind about a career to pursue.  That's a step up for me.

Monday, July 26, 2004

I only read it for the articles.
Ok, Kat is the magazine lead at our Barnes and Noble so she has the first pick of all the magazines that get stripped.  That's when an old issue hasn't been sold and the front cover is sent back to the publisher for credit or something like and the actual magazine is thrown away.  At least it's supposed to be but after the magazine is stripped it's up for grabs to anyone who wants it.  Kat usually saves me Tennis Magazine and People Magazine, now that my subscription has run out.  Kat the magazine queen that she is always brings home the most interesting of magazines.  Mostly of photography magazines though.  I like to look at the photos in them because you can well imagine they are really good.  The last three months though, she has been bringing home Playboy.   Now, I know what you all must be thinking.  Yes it is porn but it also has some of the best magazine writing I have read in a while.  We all know that phrase that "I only read it for the articles".  Usually when people say that though, they don't mean it but I can honestly say in mine and kit's case it's the truth.  I'm not going to lie and say that I don't look at the photos because hey!  I'm curious and they tastefully done.  Last month, was an interview with Michael Moore.  Personally, I think Mr. Moore is an asshole but I feel he brings up a lot of good points in this interview and some of this other movies.  In this particular article he suggests that we let the Israelis take care of Osama Bin Ladin because they are so good at getting rid of those who get in their way.  That was a bad paraphrase of what he said.  As I reading this, all I could think of is that I hope he is joking and isn't serious.  I'm not even sure if he is serious but now we are getting off topic.  This entry is about the writing of of Playboy.  I think there are very few publications that one could feel comfortable of even saying that.  Two months ago E.L. Doctorow wrote an essay for Playboy.  The same man that wrote Ragtime is in Playboy!  It may be nothing more then a skin magazine to most but it does get it's fair share of famous writers in it.  I may not agree with all that it stands for but I have to admit that I have enjoyed reading it the last couple of months.  It's an interesting magazine, let's put it that way.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I love shopping.  Kat says that malls are the saddest places in the world but I don't agree.  I say malls are full of hope.  They are nothing but new beginnings.  Ok, that's a stretch but I like going to malls.  The fact that I work in one hasn't dimmed my enthusiasm for them, except for the mall that I work in.  The less time I spend there the better.  My mom and I are going to the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, for our annual summer trip to the mall.  We usually go in January or February, then maybe around spring break, then sometime in the summer and then finally the first weekend in November to start our Christmas shopping.  We go all the way to there because shopping here in Iowa is so dismal.  The selection is just so small.  So, we go and have fun.  We have gone so many times that we have it down to a science.  It's not just about the shopping.  We know how to shop.  We usually go someplace to eat and plan our attack.  Sometimes we go to a movie or go back to our hotel and have a bottle of wine and watch a movie there.  I can't wait! Mall here we come!!

Friday, July 16, 2004

It seems like everyone is turning 21 these days.  On Wednesday my friend Rachel from work turned 21.  We went to the Q bar to celebrate.  I think because it was $1 pitcher night on domestic beers and the birthday girl gets free pool.  It was so much fun and yet odd at the same time.  It's a little weird to see some people outside of work, like one of your managers.  There are several people from work that I socialize outside of work on a daily basis.  For instance, our friend Elizabeth, who we went to Europe with, we know from work.  Kat and I also go out for wings and Monday night football with Andy and Nancy (who used to work with us) but seeing one of my managers, Darren in a bar was a bit weird.  Don't get me wrong.  I like Darren, he's a good guy but just weird. 
Tonight, I am going to my friend Melinda's 21 birthday party.  We  have been friends since Junior high.  No one is as cool as Mino.  She's hilarious!  She's kind of the baby of our little group of friends because everyone else is already legal.  I've been out drinking with her so many times that it's kind of hard to believe that just today she is turning 21.  Anyway, we are going to the restaurant Granite City for dinner.  It is a relativity new restaurant in Cedar Rapids.  I've heard good things about it so I'm excited.  Then I think we are coming back to Iowa City because the bars are just better here, in my opinion.  It should be a good time!  Happy Birthday Melinda.
Next week is another 21 bash for another girl I work with Felicia.  I may stop by but not stay very long because next week it's back on South Beach, which means no more beer.  That's really not to bad because I have never really been a big fan of beer.  It's been harder for me to give up potatoes and bread.  ummm...Potatoes!  How I love thee!! But back to the topic.  So, yeah, lots of people turning 21 lately.  It's a great age.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Viva Europa!!

Ok, so I know I'm mixing languages there but I really don't care. I have just spent the last 19 days in the lovely continent across the Atlantic. My sister, Kat and our friend Elizabeth traveled through seven countries (well they actually traveled through eight because they also went to Wales) Scotland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the Vatican City, which is it's on Principality so it counts as it's own country. We were only in France long enough to catch our next train and I completely slept through Switzerland but that's just being nitpicking. We just had the best time. I really don't think I can even describe how much fun we had, so I'm just going to give the highlights.

1. Going to the Pubs with our friend Alistair. He went to college with Kat and they have stayed close since then. He is just so cool. He is so funny and very intelligent too. I love talking to him because he has such interesting insights into American politics that I miss because I live here. I usually subscribe to thinking of "No one can hit my little Brother by me" when it comes to criticizing the USA but because Al has spent a fair amount of his life living in the US, working and going to coverage I think he has a better understanding of politics here and the advantage of looking in from the outside as well. Anyway, we had a wonderful talking and going from Pub to Pub. Scotland is great for that.

2. In Edinburgh, we did a Literary Pub tour, which explained the history of the new and old cities of Edinburgh and the major authors great works and inspirations. Not surprisingly, a lot of them came from what they saw in the Pubs. They are Scottish after all. *lol* After the Tour, we had a couple of pints with one of the Tour guides, James. Who was just a riot! He walked us back to the train station because we were staying in Glasgow and out of nowhere he started singing "American Pie". Elizabeth just happened to know all the words to the verses and we all fumbled through it until we came to the chorus. I'm sure everyone thought we were mad.

3. Queuing! I got to see my good friends Anne and Caz again. They are just two of the coolest people I know. And then you add in Jeff and you have a fun group to hang out with. The first night, we spent catching up and talking about tennis. We in line behind two Aussies and up the street was two different contigents of Scots and Welsh men. We spent most of the night drinking and talking everything from who America doesn't have history like Europe to music. Eventually we were told we were to loud and had to go to bed. As for the next two days, Anne, Caz, Jeff and I were all over the AELTC watching the best tennis players in the world and avoiding the rain. On the third day, Anne and I went by ourselves. The day was a complete rain out but we had fun anyways. We got to see Andy Roddick and other players on the Weakest Link and cleaned out the Wimbly shop. Well, not quite.

4. Twice in Barcelona we got to see Penguins! I love Penguins!!! First we got to see Humboldt Penguins at the Barcelona zoo and then at the Aquarium. I highly recommend both of these places if you go to Barcelona. I know, why go all that way to see a Zoo or an Aquarium but they are both excellent and worth seeing. And did I mention you can see Penguins!

5. We got to see the Barcelona Gay Pride Parade from the balcony of the Erotica Museum. How perfect was that? The Museum had a wonderful collection of artwork from as early as ancient Egyptians(they were reproductions) to Playboy. We heard the music from the window and stepped out on the Balcony to watch the parade. It was so cool. The Brazilian were there with their drums, there was a little old lady holding the transected flag, a whole team of Gay Elvis's but best of all was the guy who saw us standing on the balcony underneath the sign for the museum and realized where we were and gave us the thumbs up. Now that was cool.

6. Rome is a beautiful city but not the easiest to get around. They only have two metro lines because every time they try to make more stops, they find more ruins and have to shut down productions but one sight you can't miss when you come out of the Metro station is the Coloseum. It is literally the first thing you see when come out and it is just an amazing sight. To see this 2000 year old building coming out of a modern mode of mass transportation. It's just awe inspiring!

Hmm...That's all for now. Maybe I'll come back with part two of highlights but after all that traveling, I need a nap.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Adventureland USA!

My best friend from California is home for the week. We went to high school together and while I decided to stay in Iowa for college, she was the brave one and left the state for the LA area. You have no idea how much I admire her for doing that. I often think, where would I be if I actually applied to colleges outside of Iowa. Of course, then I wouldn't have gotten that fabulous in state tuition that I have now, Anyway, I digress. Her family moved to Des Moines about a year ago. DM is about two hours from where I live but the one plus I guess is that it's near Adventureland, the only theme park in the state. I don't remember who exactly came up with the idea to go but I have been dying to ride a rollercoaster for a while now. It was a lot of fun! I haven't been to Adventureland since I was in eighth grade and our band played in some kind of competition. That was a long time.

We left around noon from our apartment with Kat and our friend Melinda, who is a blast and has a new car with bunch of cool gadgets! Poor Lisa had to get a cavity filled so we actually got to her parent's before she did. It was ok, we just went to the local ice cream joint, called Moos! How cute is that? I bought some skittles that I almost immediately spilled in Melinda's car. Grr...I wanted that sugar! Anyway, we all met up and had a blast at Adventureland. So, some of the rollercoasters were a bit disappointing but then again I really have been spoiled from all the rides at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City but it was just great to hang out with my friends and do something different. There is this great ride called the Space Shot! It shoots you up in the air and for a second your flying! It was awesome. I skipped out of the "Inverter" and I'm glad I did. It looked fun but it didn't sound fun hanging up side down over concrete. *lol* So after Lisa, Kat and Melinda did that ride, we all decided to do another ride that hangs us upside down. Not the brightest thing we could have done. It hurts to hang upside down. *lol*

After Adventureland, we went to Lisa's fave local sports bar for dinner and watch the Lakers and the Pistons! Lisa who is a LA transplant is all for the lakers but I'm rooting for the Pistons! I have to give some love to the Midwest teams. Anyway, the Lakers have won three of the last four years. They have had enough. Apparently the Lakers won because Lisa called us on our way home to gloat. Oh well! It was a great trip! We should all do it again some time. Oh, I forgot the best part! There was no lines! The place was empty! That's the way to go to a theme park!!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Random Thoughts vol. 2

I saw Harry Potter 3 on Friday! Loved it! It was fantabulous!! Alfonso Curan did a great job. He was able to be faithful to the book but still make his own interpretation on the story. Well down Alfonso!

After the movie Elizabeth, Kat and I went to Bennigan's for dinner and to discuss the movie. What nerds we are but I got to have potato soup! I went two months without eating a potato. Which was quite a feat for me because I love potatoes! It was so good. It made me very happy.

My friend Lisa is in town for a wedding and we went out last night. We met up with some guys we went to high school with. Lisa was more their friends then I was. I barely knew most of them. We had a great time. We went to one bar that kinda sucked and then to another that was more our speed. The boys got in to a fight. Oh the drama! But it was mostly patched up by the time that we all drunkenly decided go to a strip club. *lol* So when Kat's friends get drunk they go to a porn shop, and mine a strip club. What interesting couple we keep.

Gaston Gaudio won Roland Garros!! Congrats to Gaston but I think in some ways I'm going to miss the flake of a player that Gaudio was but for now I am just happy for him.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Spelling Bee.

So I am watching the National Spelling Bee on ESPN. I didn't realize it was a sport but whatever. It's hypnotic. I turned it on to see if the tennis was over for today and an hour later it's still on. Spelling has never been my strong suit (as some of you may have noticed from reading this blog) but there has been a few words I could spell. Ok, only one but it was a hard one. I only knew it because it was the frankish family that ruled what is today France eons ago. So I guess I have learned something in college after all. How to spell MEROVINGIAN! And what made me feel even better was the little girl who was given the word didn't know! Take that Little Girl!!

Sitting here, watching this I wonder why would anyone want to be doing this. Why would any kid want to spend their free time trying to figure out how to spell obscure words that they will never need to know for the rest of their lives! I'm guessing that it doesn't get the boys and women in they grow up or vice versa. What can of pick up line is that. "When I was 12, I won the national spelling bee. Want to shag?" I just don't see it happening. But anyway more power to them for being able to spell words like SCHEHERAZACIAN**! Woohoo!

**which means suited fabulous or something like that.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Such a Child!

I feel like such a child! On my way into the movie theater Sunday, I wasn't watching where I was going and missed that some of the sidewalk dipped a bit. Needless to say I fell and skinned my knee. I can't tell you the last time I fell and skinned my knee. Probably when the training wheels finally came off my bike. *lol* I felt so foolish but at least there wasn't a lot of people around. That's good. The less people I can embarrass myself around the better. The real problem is now my knee really hurts. I had forgotten how painful skinned knees were and I noticed this morning that a bruise started to show up as well. I guess when I injure myself, I really injure myself. So the lesson here kids, is to pay attention where your walking because no one likes to have boo boos.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Heat!

Can men and women be friends? Well according to the biblical authors they can't. Why? Because of the heat. The inevitable heat that sparks between a man and woman when they get together. That heat that draws them together and plays on their natural urges. That heat will always get in the way of Friendship. This is according to my professor of my summer course. Since he can read biblical Hebrew and a PhD. in the subject, so I tend to believe that this is what the biblical authors say but I don't believe it. I have several male friends that I don't feel the "heat" with. Does this make the biblical authors wrong? Or was the idea of a man and woman being just friends in biblical times unthinkable? For centuries, Hell for 2 millenniums women were only wives, mothers and daughters. That was their goals in life. They were not expected to be the intellectual equals of their husbands and fathers. What would they have to talk about? So I guess I really don't know the answer and seem to be more rambling then anything else but with no disrespect to the biblical authors but I do believe that men and women can be friends with any sexual expectations. Believe me, I know.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Roland Garros!

For the six people out there that actually read this know that I love Tennis. It's my favorite sport. I just love it! Well, Roland Garros, aka The French Open, starts tomorrow. It's the second Grand Slam of the year and the only one on Clay and in a non-English speaking country. That last point is mostly irrevelant but interesting point nonetheless. I've been to Roland Garros before for a Davis Cup tie and the atmosphere is like no other. I look forward to the day that I will go for the French Open.

This year is probably the most intriguing because it's so wide open, for both the Men and the Women. Both defending champions Justine Henin-hardenne and Juan Carlos Ferrero have been out because of illness and injury. Justine is set to play but JC is still in doubt and is more and more doubtful to play with every day. The poor guy, caught the chicken pox in Indian wells and then tripped and fell and sprained his wrist and elbow himself in the ribs! All I can say is that I hope that if he does play, he wins because even a hurt JC is still better on clay then most players healthy.

I guess the favorite is Roger Federer. He's world number 1 and just won Hamburg, a major tune up for RG. But it the one flaw is that he hasn't won a set at RG in two years and both years he had good preparations going in. What makes this year different? Well, he's not the same player, he's #1 world and has won Wimbledon, the Australian Open and The Masters Cup since his last lost. There won't be a repeat of last year.

There may be a repeat for Andy Roddick though. Don't get me wrong, I like the guy. He's one of my favorite players but he always seems lost out there on the European clay. He does have a very manageable draw however. He opens with veteran Todd "Marathon Man" Martin. Martin has this amazing ability to come back in matches in which it looked like he had already lost. That is just one of the reasons for Roddick to get this match over with as soon as possible. Another is so he can get that "not winning a match since his RG debut in 2001" monkey off his back.

Now some real favorites are Guillermo Coria, Carlos Moya, David Nalbandian, Marat Safin and to lesser extent Andre Agassi. Only because he is Andre Agassi but not because anyone thinks he is going to win. I'll throw in three time winner Gustavo Kuertan for Kat. Guga has never been the player he was since he had surgery on his hip but can really count out a guy that has won this tournament three times? If I was a betting person, I would say Coria is the best bet but even he is having to deal with an injury. Of course there are others but too many to list. One to watch is Fernando Verdasco of Spain. When he goes deep in the tournament, you can say you heard it here first!

You may have noticed I haven't spent that much time talking about the women. I usually don't pay that much attention to the WTA tour because honestly I don't find it that interesting. The usual subjects are still in the mix Henin-Hardenne (I mentioned her earlier), Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Amelie Mauresmo, Jennifer Capriati and Lindsay Davenport. I think it's safe to say that one of these women will win.

I try not to make predictions because I feel like I give players bad luck so I'll say let the best player win!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

I am going to be so HOTT!!

Kat and I have been on the South Beach Diet for almost two months now and working out at Curves for a month. So far things are going great. I've lost 13 pounds and feeling great! Boy did that sound corny but it's the truth. Everytime I go work out or eat a bunch of vegetables, in my head I think "I'm going to be so hot!". I know it sounds vain but for a girl who has been overweight for most of her life it's a great motivation. I've never felt like I was "hot" before. I wonder what it feels like to be "Hot". Well, a year from now, I'll let you know.

I'm doing well but Kat is doing Great! I am so proud of her and jealous at the same time but mostly proud. I can really see a difference in the way her clothes hang on her. Today she is wearing an old pair of jeans that she hasn't been able to wear in a while and they are even a little baggy! How cool is that?! It's not just cool, it's fantabulous! She really has been my inspiration in this whole "Better Life Change" that I am doing. She wanted to try South Beach and I said what the hey. It would be easier for us to make one menu instead two. She does most of the cooking and is full of enthusiastic about the whole thing. I love her!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


So, I saw Troy on Friday. I had been looking forward to it for a while. I thought it would be good, entertaining and full of eye candy. Which it was! I enjoyed it. I knew going in that it wasn't going to be historically accurate or faithful to Homer's original text. I think because I knew that I could just relax and think of it as just another summer popcorn movie with lots of action and hot guys! Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt may not be the best actors in the world but do look good in Greek armor. *sigh* Eric Bana performance as Hector was the best of the whole movie and Sean Bean was excellent as always. :D

There is one scene that I just couldn't help but laugh at. Archilles (Pitt) is yelling for Hector (Bana) and all I could think was Marlon Brando and a Street Car Named Desire. STEEELLLAAA! I was trying my hardest not to laugh.

So Troy isn't the best movie I have ever seen but it was what I expected it to be, a good summer film. I do have one qualm with it though. I was promised Orlando, Naked and Honey and only got one of the three. Grr... Oh well. This week Shrek 2 opens up. I just have to remember to go at night, to avoid the horrible kid factor and then Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban! June 4th baby! This was always my favorite book of the series so they better not have messed it up!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

America is momma's momma

This past week, I had an assignment in my US African American history class that I had to find a primary source from the Civil Rights Movement from the 1960's and then present this material to the class. Originally, I wanted to find foreign news articles about our civil rights movement and to see how it played overseas but stumbling around in the Library I came across this book. American Mix the Minority Experience in America edited by Morris Freedman and Carolyn Banks. The first document that caught my eye was an excerpt from Correta Scott King's autobiography but it was a short two paragraph "sermon" by Dick Gregory. I was familiar with his name. People still come into to Barnes and Noble to buy his autobiography, that's title I can't even type because all of my life I have told that is just not a word that is said, written or thought.

Gregory is an interesting man. He began his career as a comic in Chicago. He was an activist during the Civil Rights movement and even participated in Sit-ins and getting people registered to vote. He spoke out against the Vietnam War and even ran for President in 1968. In that same year he published The Shadow that Scares Me, a collection of his "sermons". One was America was momma's momma. I was taken aback at how Gregory was able to pack so much anger, hurt, pain, grievances into two short paragraphs. I could go on and on but I think Mr. Gregory speaks for himself. There is still nothing more powerful then the written word.

America was momma's momma

Now that I am a man, I have "given up childish ways." I realize that America in my momma and American was Momma's momma. And I am going to place the blame for injustice and wrong on the right momma. Even today, when I leave my country to appear on television and make other public appearances in foreign countries, I find it difficult to speak of the injustices I experience in this country. Because America in my momma. Even if Momma is a whore, she is still Momma. Many times I am asked if I would go to to war if drafted. I alwasys answer, "Yes, under one condition; that I be allowed to go to the front linke withough a gun. Momma is worth dying for, but there is nothing worth killing for. And If I ever change my opinion about killing, I will go to Mississippi and kill that sheriff who spit in my wife's face."
America is my momma. One Fourth of July, I want to go to the New York harbor and talk to Momma - the Statue of Liberty. I want to snatch that torch out of her hand take her with me to the ghetto and sit her down on the street corner. I want to show her the "tired, the poor and the huddled masses yearning to breather free.: I want to show Momma what she had been doing to her children. And Momma should weep, For the grief of the ghetto is the grief of the entire American family.

Gregory, Dick. America was momma's momma; The Shadow that Scares Me. Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1968

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Spring Break!

I had such a great time in Indian Wells! The tennis was great. It was great to see Fee and Susan again and Caryn, Christine, Angela and Mel were awesome!! I learned a lot about what it's like to be a working journalist at the tennis tournament. The one disappointment was that one of my favorite players, Juan Carlos Ferrero had to pull out because he had the Chicken Pox. What is a 24 year old man getting the chicken pox anyway? The poor guy.

So that was the first half of my spring break. The second half, my mom and I went to the mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. I love that place. We didn't do the as much shopping as we usually do but mostly just hung out. That's what I love about my family, is that we genuinely like being with each other. We all have our own interests but try to include all of us in our interests. It's great! I hear all the time of other families don't get along and fight all the time and feel lucky that I come from a family that I can talk to and feel comfortable joking around with. My family is Wonderful!!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

School News

See this is what always happens to me. Every time I start a diary or a journal, I write on a regular basis for a couple of weeks and then a couple of months later, I realize that I haven't written in it for a while. *sigh* I think I am just too lazy to keep up a good diary.

In other news, I've really enjoying my paper making class. I'm getting ok at it but it's a lot harder then it looks. In our last class, we made stamps. How cool is that?! I've been doing better in my other classes as well. I got an A- on my first midterm of the semester. So that's a good sign. I also got a B- on my book report for African American History. Personally, I think my professor was an easy grader in this case because I don't think it was a B- paper but at least a C but Hey! I'll take it! I have two midterms and a paper due on Thursday, so wish me luck.

The best thing about midterm time is that it means that spring break is soon. Kat and I are going to Indian Wells, CA to meet up with some friends and see some world class Tennis! I love tennis but I think I've mentioned that before but what is going to be really cool is that I'll be doing some work while I'm there. I'll be one of two reporters covering the event for My friend Christine started this site so our little tennis community could have an outlet for our work. I like to think that this experience, along with my work last year, will help hone my journalism skills. Who knows what I will end up doing after I graduate but hopefully this will open some doors.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Back to School!

After a month off, I'm back to school. It was a nice break but it's good to have a regular schedule. I'm taking five classes, two history courses and two journalism courses and one just for fun, Paper making! Woohoo! I have had two classes so far and I already know how to make my own paper and I have beaten my own pulp in the Hollander beater! That was cool but to be honest the beater did all the work. I'm so stoked about this course! It's fun to have a class that I do not have to take an exam or write five or six papers. Later in the semester, I'm going to learn how to make my own ink and bind a book together. I may never have to buy my own paper again. Ok, that's not true but it's still a pretty groovy skill to have.