Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yeah! New Job!

I have a new part time job. I work in the morning for It's a website that offers great deals for Kids and their moms! I have really been enjoying it. I am a customer service rep and work mostly from home. I do have to go into the office every now and then. It's a lot more work then responding to emails, answering questions. I'm actually surprised at how much research I have to do. I have to look up accounts, deals, and vendors. I've had to go through the payment process a few times, to make sure our directions in our vouchers are correct. It's very interesting. I'm not new to customer service. I have to a fair amount of it at Barnes and Noble but it's kind of a different animal when it's done over email and phone. In some ways, it's so much nicer not actually have to deal with customers in person but in others, it's a whole lot easier to solve their problem when you are talking to them face to face. I feel like I'm learning a whole new skill set. So, I'm really happy. I kind of wish that I don't have to do so many closes at B&N but oh well. Things are so much better now. I feel more relaxed. I'm not as worried about my finanicial situation as much as I was. I don't have to move. It's great.