Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Peter Jackson is a freakin Genius! Yes, he had a great material to work with. Tolkien was also a freakin' Genius but I guess it's no surprise that the Lord of the Rings Trilogy would turn out so brilliantly when you have two Genius working together! The extended edition of the Return of the King came out today and I just happened to have a gift card to Best Buy! I'm watching it right now and it has been so wonderful! The new scenes have been placed in so seamlessly. It's BRILLIANT!! I love these movies! Yeah!
In other news, my semester is almost over. I have one more final left. I'm kind of excited and kind of anxious because I have only one more semester left! Ahh!! I am so ready to be out of college but not ready to be a full-fledge adult. You know what I mean. Thanks to my internship with NPR, I decided to pursue a career in radio but I'm not exactly sure where to begin. When do I start sending in resumes? How do I go about looking for jobs out of state? It's just so confusing. I just rather not think about it, right now.
Back to the movie! Go Frodo!!

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