Friday, April 08, 2005

What am I going go do?

I recently had an assignment in my broadcast journalism class to do an interview. It was suggested that we use this opportunity to use this interview for our final project but considering that I have yet to pick a final project I was left scrambling to find someone to interview. I have been thinking a lot about life after college, probably because I am graduating in May. My friend Elizabeth, is also graduating this year but unlike me she is going to graduate school. Elizabeth is an interesting person to talk to anyway but I thought it would be relevant to this time of the year to do a story on "going to graduate school". So I emailed, Eli (Elizabeth is a long name to type over and over again) and asked if she would let me interview her and because she is a sweetheart that she is, agreed.

It took us a couple of tries to actually get together but eventually we finished the interview. I haven't heard that tape yet because I turned it in my professor but I thought we both did a good job. In the course of the interview, I asked Eli why she wanted to continue to study classics in graduate school. The moment she started to talk about classics and what she liked about it her face lit up. She talked with such passion and enthusiasm, that it made me wonder if there was anything in my life that I talk about with such passion and enthusiasm. It was clear to me that the main difference between her and me is that she knew what she wanted to do with her life and knows what she needs to do to get it.

Me, I think I know what I want. I would like to be a producer for a sports radio station some where outside of the state of Iowa. I have submitted applications for internship at various stations because I do not think I have the experience needed to get a job as producer now. Honestly, I have no idea if I am going about my job in the right way. I don't even know if I will be any good at it, really. I am constantly second guessing myself. I'm sure that is normal. Gayane, my professor, has told me that I'm getting better at writing in broadcast style and I feel that I am improving with my editing skills but I don't know. I feel that maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I'm missing that passion and enthusiasm. I love working at WSUI and the people there but I have not spent that much time at the actual studio. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm only interested in working in radio because I think it would be cool to work at a radio station.

After we finished the interview, I thought to myself, I hope that whatever I do in my life that when someone asks, why I do what I do that I will speak with the same passion and enthusiasm that Eli did. I think that is a goal of mine.

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