Tuesday, March 03, 2009

High School Musical

I'm watching High School Musical 3. I got it from Netflix. It's not so bad but it still has it's painful moments the first two did. Zac Efron and Lucas Grabeel have thankfully improved their acting over the course of the movies, unfortunately the others haven't. Of course they really are the only two, I can see having any kind of career after this. Zac, of course plays hearthrob, Troy Bolton. He has already starred in Hairspray and has a new movie coming out next month that actually looks good and is about to start filming the movie musical for Footloose. I think as long as this mini-Musical revival keeps going Zac will still have opportunities. Lucas Grabeel, plays Ryan Evans, the sexual-ambiguous twin brother to super diva Sharpay Evans. All great villains need a sidekick. Someone to help them plot their evil plans. That is Ryan. In this movie Ryan finally moves out of Sharpey's shadow and becomes less of a caricature and more an actual person. He still is a but sexually-ambiguous. He asks another female character to prom. I think that is Disney's way of saying he's not gay but he still gay if you ask me. Anyway, Lucas Grabeel is probably the best actor in the movies but limited by the role he played. I was surprised when I saw Milk two weeks ago that he was in it. He played Daniel Niccoletta, one of Milk's supporters from the beginning. I was really impressed. It was a small role but effective one. Of all the kids in the High School Musical franchise those are the two that are going to walk away with careers. The others may be in a movie here and release an album there but will fade away like most child stars. Oh well, they will still have more money then I will ever make in my life.

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