Sunday, June 07, 2009

People Suck and I'm not loving my job right now

I think I need a new job. I had such a great week with Kat but as soon as she left, my week just went downhill. I kind of hate retail. Maybe it's just he clientele at my store. Park Slope is a fairly wealthy neighborhood in Brooklyn. If you look around, you wouldn't really notice that we are in an economic downturn with their Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci sunglasses. They all feel entitled to everything and for too long the store had been letting them get away with everything. Well, we are in an economic downturn so we are not being as carefree with our exceptions as they have been in the past. I hate when they pull out the "I'm a member and shop here all the time" excuse. Well, so am I, so you're point being? Plus if you shop here all the time then how is it that this is the first time I have seen you? Anyway, they suck. The other reason I'm not really enjoying work lately is some of my cashiers have been really getting on my nerves. Ok, only really 2 of them and unfortunately they are like the only full-time cashiers we have and even more unfortunately, their hours seem to always coincide with my hours. If I open, one of them is my opener. If I close, they are my closers. If I am a mid, one is already there before I get there and the other one comes in to replace them later. I feel like I get no relief! I know they are not only working with me but it really does feel like that. One of them is hearing impaired but it's not that she can't hear me, she just doesn't listen. The other one is just so unsure of herself. She has no self-confidence. I would feel sorry for her if she didn't make my life that much harder. Between the two of them, I spend more time correcting their mistakes and basically cleaning up after them. It's exhausting. So basically, I am saying a need a new job because I don't know how much I can take this. I need a vacation.

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