Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year New You

I have survived another holiday season at Barnes and Noble. Good for me. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the season with all of the returns. So many people got some really crappy gifts this year and some how this is my fault. Hey! It's not my fault that your Uncle doesn't know what you like but whatever. After January it'll be too late! haha

Anyway, so 2009 is so over. In 2010, I'm making some changes. The first being my weight. I have long wanted to lose weight and have had some success in the past but I have gotten no where near my goal. Right now, I'm doing the Special K Challenge. The Challenge includes eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. A meal bar, a protein shake or another bowl of cereal for lunch. A snack bar or fruit in between meals and then a sensible meal for dinner for two weeks. In those two weeks, you are supposedly going to lose 1 jeans size or six pounds. (depends on which box you read, I guess they are backing off the jeans goal) So far, I have been doing very well. Since Sunday, I have lost 5 lbs! I do wonder though if it has more to do with the walking and exercising I've started doing this week then the Special K but I really don't care. I've feel good. (Well, except for the monster blister I have on my heel right now) The problem I have now is what am I am going to do after this two weeks are over. I'm going to have to find another meal plan to follow because Special K alone is going to get me to my final goal. I want to be at least 60 lbs by the beginning of 2011. Now I only have 55 lbs to go! Any suggestions on healthy and easy cookbooks I should be looking at?

And other news the Australian Open starts tomorrow (Australian time) I'm so excited! How I do love tennis! A lot of late nights coming up.

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