Monday, November 24, 2003

Fun in the Sun!

Why did I have to come home? It's cold!! This past weekend, my family and I was in beautiful Daytona, FL. It was sunny, warm and has an ocean! I could have done without all the nascar stuff. I know Daytona is the home of the biggest race of the year but it's a worthless sport. If I'm going to drive for 500 miles, I want to be almost to a coast and not in the same exact spot from where I started. That just sounds inefficient to me. But back to this weekend. My cousin Amanda looked absoutely gorgeous in her wedding dress. It was a beautiful ceremony, right next to the river under a tent. Even though there was like 150 people there, it was still was very intimate. If I ever get married, I think I will follow this example. Of course, I'm not getting married anytime soon, at this point I would settle for a date. Kat came to the realization that she and I are the oldest relatives in the family that are not married. Ok, that's not really true but after us the oldest kid is like 8, so really it's just us. Thank Goodness only a few people asked us when we were going to get married. We got the "When are moving down here?" more often. I like that question. And the answer. I soon as I graduate college I'll be on my way down. :D I can't wait to live some place warm and it's always nice to live near family. But since I still have at least another year to go before I get my BA, I have to deal with the cold winter weather. It's been a warm fall anyway, so I shouldn't complain to much about it but I'm cold!

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