Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Olympic Fever Baby!!!
I am sure that everyone is aware that the Olympics are being competed in Athens right now. Well, not right now because it's like almost 2am in Greece but you know what I mean. I really dig the Olympics. Kat says that Patriotism only truly belongs in sports. Let everyone play on the even field and let the best win. I think that is what makes the Olympics special. I couldn't be more happy for our Men's Gymnastics team for winning the silver. The first medal for them in 20 years! I think it's so cool that Michael Phelps has a chance to win eight medals this year. It doesn't matter to me that he won't be able to break Mark Spitz's record because I didn't think he would do it but so far he has three gold's and two bronzes medal. How cool is that? I also think it's cool that the Iraqi soccer team is 2-0 in competition so far and that both Iraq and Afghanistan have women competing for the first time. So, there may have been something good come out of the US invading both of their countries. While our men's basketball team has been sucking it up on the court our women have been nothing but devastating the competition and when the boys failed to qualify for soccer and baseball (how embarrassing is that?), our women are doing us proud with win after win. That really makes me proud to be an American Woman!
For all those reasons I love watching the Olympics. The stories, the feats and the competition are amazing. They only happy every four years, well I guess every two years with the summer and winter games rotating back and fourth but that is just a minor detail because for these athletes they only come every four years. Until then, I will watch and cheer and enjoy them until they are over. Go USA!!

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