Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snow just puts me in a bad mood.

It just won't stop snowing! It has been snowing since about 11:30 last night. I was so hoping that Scott was kidding when he said that it was pouring snow. I mean, he is from North Carolina. What does he know about snow? Sadly, he was right and now almost 21 hours later it is still snowing! I can't stand it. I wish it would just stop snowing. Ok, it could be worse. I mean, I didn't have to dig my car out of 4 feet or snow or anything like that.

Another reason I don't like snow is where there is snow, it's cold. I don't do well in cold. Because that means I'm cold. I think I rather be hot then cold. Even my roommate, Sarah's car didn't want to start this morning. Apparently it doesn't like the cold either. I wish I had the option of not working when I get cold. That would be awesome.

Is winter over yet?

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