Thursday, December 22, 2005


For those who don't know what Prosecco is, it is sparkling wine from Italy. I guess the other European countries had a little bit of an inferiority complex or something when it comes to sparkling wine because since they can't call it champagne because it isn't made in the Champagne reason in France, they had to come up with new names. In Spain, sparkling wine is called Cava. So, that begs the question, why don't we have a special name for sparking wine here in the U.S.? Oh that's right. We just call it champagne because we really don't care if the French are upset with us. Like what are they going to do about it?

Anyway, this isn't what I was going to write about. After work today, I met my mom, Annie and her daughter Emily at Olive Garden. The waitress was pouring my glass of wine (not sparkling), when my mom asked me if our two bottles of prosecco and one bottle of cava was going to be enough for Christmas? This is funny coming from the woman who has half a glass of wine and is ready to pass out. I think that is more then enough because she's not going to drink a lot of it. I just thought it was funny.

Sadly, I really don't have much to write about at the moment. I'm a little tired from working all day. Why do people wait until the last couple of days to go shopping and then are upset they have to wait in lines? Are they all that stupid? Oh, don't answer that. Well, two more days to go. Ick.

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