Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snow Day

You know that the weather is bad when the University of Iowa is closed. I have lived in Iowa City for six years and I have never seen that happen before. Ever! I remember having to climb over snow drifts to get to classes when I went to school there because they wouldn't cancel classes, except for the intelligent professors who cancelled their classes because it was the right thing to do. The Mall closed today too. That was a surprise! Apparently, they didn't even open this morning but I guess no one told that to my ASM Annie, who made it too work and then is now stuck there. Oh, well, She has a lot of free time to put up tables and endcaps now without the pesky annoyance of customers. What I would give to have all that free time. Not that I want to leave my warm apartment or anything. I'm pretty stoked to get a snow day. I haven't had one since High School. The only thing that really sucks about this is that I'm not going to get paid for today but then again, the pay off is that I don't have to go to work today. So, now I have three days off in a row because yesterday was my day off and tomorrow is my other day off. That's pretty sweet. Now, I am going to enjoy my snow day. I think I do some reading, maybe later watch a movie. Now, if only I was forward enough thinking and bought more Diet Coke because I am almost out.

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