Thursday, October 30, 2008

Walking makes a difference

My weight has always been an issue with me. I'm sure most of you have noticed it's a recurring theme on this blog and for those who actually know me, know how much I have struggled with it. Two years ago, I went on Nutrisystem. I worked really well for a year. I lost 30 lbs and halfway to my goal but then Thanksgiving, my Birthday and Christmas happened and I gave myself permission to indulge. I still had my Nutrisystem for breakfast and sometimes lunch but when it came to going out and I didn't think, Oh, I should have veggies instead of fries. I ate what I wanted with the thought of going back on to Nutrisystem when the holidays were over. Well, that was a mistake. I got out of the habit of eating the meals and back to my old habits, which are hard to break and since then I have gained back all the weight I lost and then some. I am really disappointed with myself that I don't have the willpower or strength to get back on the diet. I did for almost a year and I saw the results and other people did too. It felt so good when someone would ask me, Have you lost weight? I miss that.

One of the biggest problems I had returning to Nutrisystems was when I'm hungry I want to what I feel like. If I eat something that I'm not craving at the moment then I still find myself still hungry. I guess it's a mental thing but if I want a taco but have pizza instead then I'm still going to want that taco. It's a problem because I rarely crave Nutrisystem meals. They are better then you would think but to make them filling you have to add a salad or veggies and that's usually want I'm not in the mood for.

Part of my reason to move to New York was I wanted to start over. I needed a change of scenery and maybe even a new lifestyle and the new lifestyle included a lot of walking. I sold my car (or in theory I did, Kate still has to sell her car so she can buy mine even though she is already driving mine but I digress) I weighed myself after the first week I was here and I had lost 5 lbs. I didn't take that much stalk in it because I did do a hell a lot of walking up and down hills that first week and it was pretty hot so I was doing a lot of sweating. So, I just figured it was a fluke. That my body would soon get used to it and it would stabilize. Two weeks ago, I was sick with the flu. The first day I went back to work, I wore a pair of Lane Bryant pants that fit me very nicely but on that day I noticed they were baggier then usual. I just chalked it off that I 48 hours ago, I barely ate and most of what I ate came right back up (sorry, it was gross) so I didn't have a lot of calories. I would gain whatever I lost right back so nothing to get excited about. Then his past weekend, while shopping with Mom and Jackie, I tried on a pair of 14 size pants and then fit! Really, fit, I didn't have to struggle to get them on, they were not tight but were just the right size. I probably haven't been a size 14 in about a year. I was really excited! So, I have lost some weight. My diet hasn't really changed all that much but I don't snack as much as I used to though (budget concern) but all that walking I now do definitely made a difference. Since I have moved to New York, I have lost 13 lbs!

I like to think that I have figured out the way to lose weight without even trying. Eat what you like, snack less and walk more but I know that eventually my body will get used to this and I will plateau. But at least, I'm on the right track. I'm exercising more, even if it is just walking to and from work and I have already lessened the snack intake, now I just have to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet and I will lose weight without actually dieting! Brilliant. Well, easier said then done. I will keep you posted on how well I do but I'm pretty excited about the prospect. I'm actually going to make a salad right now. Yummy.

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