Saturday, May 22, 2004

I am going to be so HOTT!!

Kat and I have been on the South Beach Diet for almost two months now and working out at Curves for a month. So far things are going great. I've lost 13 pounds and feeling great! Boy did that sound corny but it's the truth. Everytime I go work out or eat a bunch of vegetables, in my head I think "I'm going to be so hot!". I know it sounds vain but for a girl who has been overweight for most of her life it's a great motivation. I've never felt like I was "hot" before. I wonder what it feels like to be "Hot". Well, a year from now, I'll let you know.

I'm doing well but Kat is doing Great! I am so proud of her and jealous at the same time but mostly proud. I can really see a difference in the way her clothes hang on her. Today she is wearing an old pair of jeans that she hasn't been able to wear in a while and they are even a little baggy! How cool is that?! It's not just cool, it's fantabulous! She really has been my inspiration in this whole "Better Life Change" that I am doing. She wanted to try South Beach and I said what the hey. It would be easier for us to make one menu instead two. She does most of the cooking and is full of enthusiastic about the whole thing. I love her!

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