Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The Heat!

Can men and women be friends? Well according to the biblical authors they can't. Why? Because of the heat. The inevitable heat that sparks between a man and woman when they get together. That heat that draws them together and plays on their natural urges. That heat will always get in the way of Friendship. This is according to my professor of my summer course. Since he can read biblical Hebrew and a PhD. in the subject, so I tend to believe that this is what the biblical authors say but I don't believe it. I have several male friends that I don't feel the "heat" with. Does this make the biblical authors wrong? Or was the idea of a man and woman being just friends in biblical times unthinkable? For centuries, Hell for 2 millenniums women were only wives, mothers and daughters. That was their goals in life. They were not expected to be the intellectual equals of their husbands and fathers. What would they have to talk about? So I guess I really don't know the answer and seem to be more rambling then anything else but with no disrespect to the biblical authors but I do believe that men and women can be friends with any sexual expectations. Believe me, I know.