Thursday, June 03, 2004

The Spelling Bee.

So I am watching the National Spelling Bee on ESPN. I didn't realize it was a sport but whatever. It's hypnotic. I turned it on to see if the tennis was over for today and an hour later it's still on. Spelling has never been my strong suit (as some of you may have noticed from reading this blog) but there has been a few words I could spell. Ok, only one but it was a hard one. I only knew it because it was the frankish family that ruled what is today France eons ago. So I guess I have learned something in college after all. How to spell MEROVINGIAN! And what made me feel even better was the little girl who was given the word didn't know! Take that Little Girl!!

Sitting here, watching this I wonder why would anyone want to be doing this. Why would any kid want to spend their free time trying to figure out how to spell obscure words that they will never need to know for the rest of their lives! I'm guessing that it doesn't get the boys and women in they grow up or vice versa. What can of pick up line is that. "When I was 12, I won the national spelling bee. Want to shag?" I just don't see it happening. But anyway more power to them for being able to spell words like SCHEHERAZACIAN**! Woohoo!

**which means suited fabulous or something like that.

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