Sunday, June 06, 2004

Random Thoughts vol. 2

I saw Harry Potter 3 on Friday! Loved it! It was fantabulous!! Alfonso Curan did a great job. He was able to be faithful to the book but still make his own interpretation on the story. Well down Alfonso!

After the movie Elizabeth, Kat and I went to Bennigan's for dinner and to discuss the movie. What nerds we are but I got to have potato soup! I went two months without eating a potato. Which was quite a feat for me because I love potatoes! It was so good. It made me very happy.

My friend Lisa is in town for a wedding and we went out last night. We met up with some guys we went to high school with. Lisa was more their friends then I was. I barely knew most of them. We had a great time. We went to one bar that kinda sucked and then to another that was more our speed. The boys got in to a fight. Oh the drama! But it was mostly patched up by the time that we all drunkenly decided go to a strip club. *lol* So when Kat's friends get drunk they go to a porn shop, and mine a strip club. What interesting couple we keep.

Gaston Gaudio won Roland Garros!! Congrats to Gaston but I think in some ways I'm going to miss the flake of a player that Gaudio was but for now I am just happy for him.

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