Friday, July 16, 2004

It seems like everyone is turning 21 these days.  On Wednesday my friend Rachel from work turned 21.  We went to the Q bar to celebrate.  I think because it was $1 pitcher night on domestic beers and the birthday girl gets free pool.  It was so much fun and yet odd at the same time.  It's a little weird to see some people outside of work, like one of your managers.  There are several people from work that I socialize outside of work on a daily basis.  For instance, our friend Elizabeth, who we went to Europe with, we know from work.  Kat and I also go out for wings and Monday night football with Andy and Nancy (who used to work with us) but seeing one of my managers, Darren in a bar was a bit weird.  Don't get me wrong.  I like Darren, he's a good guy but just weird. 
Tonight, I am going to my friend Melinda's 21 birthday party.  We  have been friends since Junior high.  No one is as cool as Mino.  She's hilarious!  She's kind of the baby of our little group of friends because everyone else is already legal.  I've been out drinking with her so many times that it's kind of hard to believe that just today she is turning 21.  Anyway, we are going to the restaurant Granite City for dinner.  It is a relativity new restaurant in Cedar Rapids.  I've heard good things about it so I'm excited.  Then I think we are coming back to Iowa City because the bars are just better here, in my opinion.  It should be a good time!  Happy Birthday Melinda.
Next week is another 21 bash for another girl I work with Felicia.  I may stop by but not stay very long because next week it's back on South Beach, which means no more beer.  That's really not to bad because I have never really been a big fan of beer.  It's been harder for me to give up potatoes and bread.  ummm...Potatoes!  How I love thee!! But back to the topic.  So, yeah, lots of people turning 21 lately.  It's a great age.

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