Sunday, October 16, 2005

So I finally found a use for all of Kat's left over frozen vegetables.

Friday night, Sarah and I were going to meet some of her friends. She was setting two of them on a date, well not really a date per se but more of a social meeting that might in future turn into a date. So, we went to make it less awkward for them. That was cool. It had been a while since I had been downtown on a Friday night. The last couple of Friday nights, I have either been working, had other plans or I was being lame and just stayed in. I was kind of excited about the idea of going out. So, I got all decked out. I wore my one shoulder black shirt and my sexy jeans from the Gap and heels that Anna gave me. I don't wear heels all that often but being that I am a girl, one would think I should be able to walk in heels. Apparently that isn't true. Sarah and I had just gotten downtown, looking for food, when it happened. I fell down and twisted my ankle. Oh God did that hurt! And it was very embarrassing. I hadn't even been drinking yet! Since it was still early in our evening, I was a trooper and I walked all over Iowa City. By the time I got home, my ankle was really swollen. It was almost baseball size. The last couple of days, I have been icing my ankle with Kat's left over frozen vegetables. I knew how own personal frozen section in our freezer would come in handy. At the moment I am using her snow peas. Yesterday, I had Brussels sprouts on my ankle! It's been two days and I my ankle's swelling has gone down but I think it has swelled up a little from last night. It has also started to bruise a bit but apparently that is a good thing.

So what have I learned from all of this. Well, um, it's not that I'm going to stop wearing heels because damn did I look hot. A little less hot limping around but still hot. I did learn that if ever need a good ice pack, Frozen vegetables are great for that!

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