Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Presenting Limony Snicket!

Don't ever say that the Managers and Barnes and Noble are not willing to go the extra mile for their customers. On Monday Tony, one of our ASM's, dressed up Limony Snicket (The brother of Lemony Snicket because we couldn't get the real one to show up. Which is a shame because I love Daniel Handler! but I digress.) Now for those who know Tony, I am sure will be shocked by the following photo but those who don't know him, well let me put this way. I don't know what kind of dirt our CRM Beth J. got him that made him do it because he is not the kind of person who volunteer for such a gig. The Last 4 Harry Potter parties we have tried to get him to be Snape because he would be perfect for it. All he would have to do is take his hair out of his ponytail and wear and black robe and voila! Snape! It would be perfect. Since I doubt that will happen for the release of HP7, we will have to make do with this.
I Present to you Limony Snicket! Enjoy!

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