Monday, October 09, 2006

I really should post more.

I never thought I would say this again because there was a time when just looking at him made me nauseous but Leonardo Dicaprio is hot! I just saw "The Departed" and DAMN! is he good looking. Like, I said I never thought I would ever think such a thing after all the times I saw Titanic. Oh, yeah he's also a good actor and blah, blah, blah. Who knew by adding a boston accent and some baggy clothes and baseball cap it would turn him into a super stud! I'm having such a girl moment! hehe

Now enough about Leo, *sigh* I'm watching the new dvd of The Little Mermaid. My favorite disney movie of all time. I still remember seeing it in the theaters for the first time and can do all the lines and music. I love the music! Sebastien, Flounder, Scuttle and the whole game. The best friends a mermaid princess could ever have. I loooooove it! I wish I could have red hair like Ariel. Maybe this is where my fixation on red hair came from. hmmm...

I'm sure you ae all wondering how the diet is going. Well, I had about two weeks where I didn't so good. I haven't gained any of the pounds I have lost which is good but I also didn't lose anything either but I think I have now righted the ship. I am almost at 15 lbs! I'm hoping by the time mom and I go Christmas shopping in the beginning of November that I will be at the 20 lbs benchmark. That would be sweet. I am so looking forward to next summer when I can wear a swimsuit and not look like a whale.

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