Monday, October 23, 2006

La Vie Boheme!

Rent Rent Rent Rent!! So, it doesn't work so well written down but when it's sung it's amazing! Yesterday, I saw the stage production of RENT for the third time. Of course it wasn't the same as seeing it for the first time but it was still amazing. The music, the stage production, the message. Yes, I did start to cry when Angel began to get sick, so about 3 songs into the second act. (Damn mom's sappy gene!) I went with my friends, Emily, Preston, Lindsay, Felicia and Andrea. Besides Emily and I, it was the first time for everyone else. They all had seen the movie before so they new the story and most of the songs but I knew they would love the musical so much more when they saw it as it was supposed to be seen. The movie is ok but it just doesn't have same impact as the stage production. There is something about the way it is staged that gives it life. I know that sounds weird because if you have seen it before you know that the stage is pretty much bare but the sparseness invites you into the story more. It takes way from the distractions of sets and just let's you focus on the story and the characters. After the show, I listened to the soundtrack on my ipod and relieved the whole experience. If you haven't seen it then I suggest you find out if the tour is coming to an area near you and go see it.

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Kate said...

The spareness of the set strips it of the physical artifice and makes you focus on the characters, music and the story, I think.

Aside from that, how did this cast compare to other the previous casts' performances?

Also, I miss you.