Monday, May 19, 2008

It's so much bigger!

For those of you who know me, which I'm sure is all of you but whatever, I'm kind of a messy person. I do kind of live like a frat boy. In fact, when Kat and I lived together, we dubbed our old apartment the Frat House because we had a nice assortment of pizza boxes and empty beer bottles around the place. We even had a name, thanks to our friend Elizabeth, TIG House. I forget what it stands for now but I know it was clever. I really do miss that apartment but I digress. In my apartment I living in now, it doesn't take long for it to get dirty because well it isn't that big. It's really a Beth size apartment, so when Kat came home and stays the night it feels a little crowded. Not that I'm complaining because I love it when Kat is here! It's going to make me really sad when we are in different cities again. Anyway, since she has been staying on my futon, I lent her some blankets. I'm not sure how old these blankets are but Kat says that she had some of them when she went to college so about 10 years. I really love these blankets, they are the perfect cover to have just one for fall and spring, when there is just a chill in the air and perfect to stack to keep me warm in the winter, unfortunately some of them had started to well fall apart. Shed like crazy. I would find pieces of blanket all over the place and it was starting to get to me. I knew I had to do something when I was at work and I looked down and say I piece of red blanket on the floor. How I dragged all the way to work, I have no idea but something had to be done about it. That would mean cleaning. That would mean, fighting with my overflowing closet to get the vacuum out. That really didn't appeal to me but I couldn't stand to look at the sad pathetic blankets any longer! At first, I tried to ignore it. I just took a book in to my bedroom. I couldn't see it then it wasn't there, right? Well, I did have to leave my room eventually and it wasn't like the bits of remaining blanket was all that was on the floor. I had let the room get really out of hand and if I didn't do something now it will only make things harder later so I gave in and did it. It's truly amazing how much my living room looks when it's clean. I have so much room that I didn't even know. I can now comfortably lie on my floor without having to knock a shoe out of the way or shove papers to the side. It's like a new room! Why haven't I discovered this before? It's like a whole new revelation to me. If I can keep my room clean, then I can use it for more things, like exercise. yeah right! But I could! This could be a whole new thing for me. Frat Boy No More!

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