Thursday, May 29, 2008

A non-interview interview

I have kind of an interview but not really an interview with B&N Home office. It's not an interview because, at the moment, there isn't a position open that matches my "skill set" but an interview because if something does come up, what is said in this meeting will probably play as an interview or at least a first interview. So, it's important is what I'm saying. Nervous, very. Worried, a little but they wouldn't ask me to come in if they were not seriously considering me right? I wouldn't question before but then I read "Bitter is the New Black" by Jen Lancaster and she was more then qualified for the jobs she applied for and it took her 3 years to find a job. The only thing that I really have going for me is that I have worked for the company for seven years and knows the product and the customers well. I know that has to count for something but I don't know for how much. B&N is big on hiring within the company. You hear stories of how people have gone from a part-time reciever to the regional buyer. So I know it's possible to make the jump from retail to corporate. I must stay positive! I really do hope that something comes up between now and August and I don't have to transfer to another store because I am really burnt out on retail. But I'm trying to overthink things now. What happens, happens and it will be great because I will be in NYC!

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Melissa said...

I will think good thoughts :) yay, have fun!