Saturday, September 20, 2008


So, it's been a little over a month since I have moved to Brooklyn and so far things are going pretty well. So well in fact that I have already received my first promotion. I am the new head cashier. Now for those who know me probably thinks this is a little funny, I mean I do. I have had chances before to be a head cashier before but turned it down. I kinda hate being stuck at the registers all day. So why would I accept a job that would pretty much do that? Well, A) in the past when the opportunity presented itself, I was already a lead so it would have been a lateral move and not a vertical one. So, I would be taking a job with more responsibility but for no more pay. When I transferred stores, my new store didn't have a lead position open so I had to settle for just a bookseller position. Which was fine because I was hoping that I wouldn't be there for long. Either something would open in the store or at the home office. and B) my new store is set up differently then my old store, so while the position is the same, I would also be in charge of all the displays around registers (with my fellow head cashiers) and there is always at least one other cashier ringing, giving the head cashier to work on those said displays. So, I wouldn't be completely stuck at the registers all the time. I have pretty much done everything else in the store. I have worked at the registers, info, on the floor, kids, receiving, magazines and yes, in the cafe (don't ask me to make anything, though) so really this was the next step for me. A new challenge for me to conquer. Yippee! I am a little nervous about it. I mean, I know I can do it but all the paperwork is a little intimidating and then there are the customers. I want to do a give good customer service but I also don't want to have the customers walk all over me. I really don't like the mantra "the customer is always right" because let's face it, they're not. I mean, I'm sorry that the book didn't turn out the way you thought but you should checked that before the two weeks were up. Oh, and I'm sorry that you didn't like the book your friend gave you and even sorrier they didn't get you a gift receipt but you're stuck with it now and the excuse that I didn't know doesn't fly with me either. The return policy, like in most stores, is on the back of the receipt. All the customer has to do is turn over the receipt and they would know that they were over the 14 days. There is a fine line between sticking to the letter of the law and doing what's best for the customer and the store. Everyone keeps telling me that people in Brooklyn are ruder then the Midwesterners I'm used to and I keep telling them no they are not. New Yorkers, at times, can be more aggressive but really they are not any different then anyone else so I'm not really worried about that. What, I'm worried about is who do you say no to and who do you make the exception for. I would hate to be the reason someone stopped shopping at the store but on the other hand, they probably were not a good customer to begin with. So, tomorrow I start my new position. Too bad, I'm learning how to open first because I would have loved to have slept in but I have to learn how to do it eventually. Wish me luck!

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Lisa T said...

I hope you LOVE your new job! I actually preferred opening instead of closing! I don't know if you'll have to do this or not...but don't forget to order change! haha! I hope you love it, I LOVED being head cashier! :) Congratulations and good luck! :)