Friday, March 31, 2006


How can we expect kids to learn any kind of manners or respect for other people's property when their parents can't be bothered to show any kind of manners or respect for other's people's property? I work in a bookstore and lately I have had at least one shift in our kids department. The things are see, just well, disgust me. My mom would never let me get away with the shit that goes on. She would never let us take out a stack of books and then leave them for someone else to pick up. If we ripped a book she just wouldn't leave it in some remote corner for us to find after close. She definitely wouldn't leave her kids in the kids department and then wonder off to some where else in our store or in the mall as if our kids department is a drop off day care. No wonder kids are screwed up! A couple weeks ago, I was recovering in kids when I over heard a grandfather telling his granddaughter that she didn't have to put the stack of at least 20 8x8 spinner books because "that's what their here for." Can you believe that? I wanted to go over to him and say, no that's not what I do. I am a BOOKSELLER. I am here to sell books and the more time I spend picking up after slobs like you the less time I have to sell books but I didn't. I quietly walked to the other side of the department and waited for them to leave. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Parents bring in stacks of books into the kids department from other places in the store and then leave them for us to put back later. They sit in our cafe and take notes from our books like we are library. That is technically stealing. They use our books as coasters. They rip covers so they can try to get an extra discount. They do this as if it were their own books but they are not. They are our property until they buy it. You wouldn't go to someone else's place and rearrange their furniture or destroy their things so why is it ok to do when you go shopping? All I'm saying is, What happened to having good manners or having respect for others? Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

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