Saturday, March 18, 2006

So I need some advice.

This week I got notice that my apartment lease is going to run out on July 31, like every one else in Iowa City. This I knew. Now I have to make a choice. I do plan on moving to Chicago. Change that I WILL be moving to Chicago. So, really I saw that I will not be renewing my lease. But here is where I need help? What happens come July and I still have not have found a job and Chicago and I no place to live here? Do I move home or do I just try my luck in Chicago. Personally, I say the latter. It's going to be easier to find a job in Chicago if I am in Chicago. So, the bigger question, should I move earlier. Like say May or June? I know the parents are not going to be fond of the idea of me moving before I have a job but it will help the job search and I do have enough money in my savings to sustain me for awhile. If I can I find a reasonable apartment with a short lease or even better a month to month lease then I can always move someplace better once I have a job and will have a better idea of finances. What do you think? Is this a good idea or not? Any other suggestions on what I should do? Anyone want to move with me? Just kidding. But seriously people drop me a line and tell me what to do.

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Sarah said...

Alright babe- since nobody else is saying anything- I'll step up and say what I've already said-

If you can afford to move to Chicago before you have a job, I think you should go ahead and move. Living in Chicago will make you more attractive to companies because they don't have to relocate you and you could theoretically start whenever they needed. I say either try to transfer to a Chicago Barnes and Noble and just tell them you would like to stay with the company OR go ahead and move and if after a month you can't find anything, you could potentially go back to Barnes and Noble. But I'm willing to bet you could at least find a retail job somewhere, even if it meant you were working at Target for awhile. I know it's scary and I'm sure your mom is worried, which she should be- but people do it all the time- they move to new places and manage to find a job somewhere, even if its temporary while they try to find the ideal job. We should request a copy of our lease (since we don't actually have one since we never signed anything this year) and see what it would take to get out of it- Or we could stay til the lease is up and you can plan to go then- The advantage to moving end of May is that there would be places with summer positions that you could maybe get while you are trying to find something you actually want.

But that's just my opinion :-)

But above all? Don't renew the lease- If you want to move to Chicago, then do it. Do whatever it takes to move.