Friday, March 03, 2006

I really hate being sick.

I really do. I feel like shit and all I want to do is sleep. I have done nothing the last 2 days but sleep.(Minus the 2 hours that my parents took me out to dinner and I met Patrick for coffee) I have slept so much that I'm actually too tired to fall asleep. And what sucks even more about this is that these are my days off. I should be enjoying my time away from work but instead I am in bed, blowing my nose and hoping that I won't puke. I'm sure it was a beautiful day today but I wouldn't know since I really didn't get up until around 5 this afternoon. So, to sum up. I hate being sick. Oh, fuck, I'm out of Kleenex.

Right now I am watching a special on Roman Vice on the History channel. Those Romans were kinky people. I find it interesting that the place that once cheered on Gladiators and group orgies is now the home of the Catholic Church. Ok, technically Vatican City is it's own country but located on the outskirts of Rome. Did you know that Pompeii was like the Las Vegas of the Roman world? Interesting, no?

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