Thursday, May 18, 2006


I guess it's true that when one door closes another one opens. So, I'm not moving to Chicago. I am still a little bummed but there is no reason to dwell on it. Well, yesterday I was promoted to a Lead position at my store. I'm excited about it. It really could not have come at a better time because I'm looking for a new apartment and since I know I will have 40 hours a week. Basically what I am saying is that I know how much I can spend on rent. I didn't really have a problem paying rent on what I was currently making because I was splitting with my roommates but I was a little nervous how I would be able to do it on my own, especially since my hours were sporadic. Some weeks I would close to 40 hours a week and sometimes I would only 20. That is worry of the past now.

So it's been a good week for my family and friends. I got a promotion. My sister finally told my parents she is getting married. My roommate Sarah, Graduated and got a B in GREEK! (believe that is a major accomplishment!) and my friend Melinda graduated and is getting married also! Plus the lovely Elizabeth has been here all week to celebrate with us. It's been a good week. :D

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bookboy said...

congrats on your promo, I don't know what we would do with out our Leads. With all the zoning and returns and then helping the customer's I think every Manager should have to be a Lead for at least a year before they get there position.