Monday, May 08, 2006

What is a girl to do?

So I'm not moving to Chicago after all. This sucks but for now it is the best decision for me. I really don't know what I want to do so that makes it difficult to look for a job. But the real deciding factor is that I owe my parents too much money and I really don't want to go into anymore debt and anyway, if I wait another year for some of my friends to graduate, I'll have someone to live with in Chicago. So until then, I'm ok (well, maybe not ok but fine with) staying. I'm pretty sure I will be made a lead soon so that will help my cause. Of course it sucks, once I decide to stay others have decided to lead. Damn them! Now, if only I came to this decision before I gave up my apartment. I have two options. I can either move back into my parents house or find a cheap apartment here. My friends have already signed leases so so much for finding a roommate. I'm not really that comfortable placing an ad for one. and 1 bedroom apartments are expensive. But at least I wouldn't have to live with my parents. I'm not sure any of us are truly looking forward to that. My friend Melinda, just recently graduated from Creighton and is moving back. I tried to convince her to move in with me for the summer but I think I failed but I'm still hopeful. I'm really pretty stressed out about this whole thing. Being an adult sucks.

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