Saturday, August 09, 2008

I want my MTV and ESPN and Cartoon Network, etc.

I'm spoiled. I realize that. I can not wait for my cable to hooked up on Friday because damn, network TV is boring! Thank goodness for the Olympics or I think I might have gone crazy. Dad and I had this conversation before I left that we really don't watch a lot of network TV and what I do watch is in repeats right now so I watch even less. I like to have my TV on to have background noise but there are just somethings I just can not listen too, like Judge Judy and her ilk. So, dear cable man! Save me from Network TV!

The unpacking is going well. It's weird. I have more room in this apartment then in my old that I just don't know what to do with it. I can have one book case here but it would be just as nice someplace out. It's really nice. One thing I do wish, I had was more outlets. I have one in the kitchen, 1 in my living room and only 1 in my bedroom. It's been a challenge to figure out where to put all my electronics, let me tell you. I think I might have to play around with it some more but for now, back to the Olympics.

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