Thursday, August 07, 2008

A little update!

So, I'm here. In New York! Brooklyn!! I did it and so far it's going good. Let's see, Brooklyn is nothing but hills and stairs. To say nothing my legs hurt, which sucks but I'll get used to it right? I mean after awhile it while it will just become second nature and my legs are going to look fabulous. Today, I got asked out by a guy while waiting for the subway. He wasn't unfortunate looking but I wasn't getting the "I want to spend more time with you" vibe so I passed but flattered. This has to be a good sign for my dating life. I have already had more person ask me directions on the subway so that's cool. Obviously they are more clueless then I am. I found a mall, well it's more of a shopping center then mall but it will do. It has a Target and a Buffalo Wild Wings, which makes me happy. I have, for the most part, figured out the subway system. I at least know which trains stop at my stop and which are local and which are express, a very important distinction. So, now I know how to get to work and home but even more importantly how to get Manhattan's 5th Ave! So far everything is going good. I have the weekend to finish unpacking things. I start work on Monday and I'm really excited about it. BTW, they only sold about 200 copies of Breaking Dawn on the first night. We totally beat them! My new manager was really impressed when I told her that how well we did with our party! We also knew we rocked! Now I'll just have to bring the Rocking to New York!

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