Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To the Left, To the Left

Yesterday, my coworker Lourdes, was having a bad day. Her second customer of the day called her inconsiderate. Why, I don't know. Lourdes, is one of the nicest people I have met in the store so far (though everyone has been very nice to me) and I have seen her with customers and she isn't inconsiderate so I wonder what was said to make the customer say that. Anyway, Lourdes stewed on it for awhile. I know I would, until a very burly man's cell phone and his ring tone was Beyonce's Irreplaceable. It was the funniest thing I have seen in New York so far. We were all just busted out laughing it was exactly what Lourdes needed to get out of her funk. I guess it really is one of those things you had to be there to truly appreciate the humor of it. I mean, this man was huge. The kind of guy that spends all his free time in the gym, pumping iron and to have his ring tone to be Beyonce! Hilarious!! Sometimes it's little moments like that makes working in retail fun because people are strange and you never know what you are going to get.

In other news, I have today off. I wasn't supposed too but after looking at my schedule again, I realized that that I was scheduled to work hours this week. Which I would have worked no complaints because I need the hours but it's a B&N no no. So, my manager Nancy took me off the schedule for today. So, now what do I do. If I had known last week that I would have today, off I would have tried to get day tickets for today for the US Open instead of night tickets tomorrow but oh well. I know I could have got up early and headed out to Queens and see if they had any extra tickets. I have been told, that on the day of, the USTA makes more tickets available, depending on how many tickets have already been sold for the day but I just couldn't drag myself up and anyways, I was planning on trying this on Saturday on my original day off. I have to reign my enthusiasm. If I had my way, I would go every day but I just can't afford it. So, I'm going tomorrow night and I'm hoping the USTA will come through and put the Roddick v. Santoro match at night because that would be awesome! and maybe Saturday. So back to what am I going to do today. Well, grocery shopping is a must. I'm pretty much out of all my food. I have diet coke and cereal but that is about it. Well, I do have my nutrisystem's meals but I am out of salad and without the salad or bread, those meals are not filling enough. So, grocery store is on the list but that shouldn't take me more then 30 mins., depending on the lines at the store. So, what else? There is tennis I could watch (like I'm doing now) or I could finally unpack the last five boxes I have left. Hmm...I think I'll think on this while I watch more tennis.

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