Monday, August 18, 2008

So, this is how we do it.

So, after my first week at work, here's the skinny on my new store. There are like eight managers. Ok, I'm not actually sure how many managers there are because I haven't met them all and of the ones I have met, I'm not sure who is an assistant manager and who is just a merchandise manager. The store Manager, Ann is on jury duty this week and last so I have only seen her once. There are two CRM's. One, primarily does events and the other primarily does all the institutional and corporate orders. We have four head cashiers and there is always at least one working at a time. From there the store is split up into upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs, we have a gift, bargain, newsstand and front list leads, cashiers, and info staff. When people are hired they are first cashiers and then after proving themselves on the registers are train to be at info and then their shifts are split between the two. Downstairs, has the children's, zone 1, zone 2 and zone 3 leads and booksellers who are assigned to each zone. There are about three or four employees that work under the lead so there is always at least one person working in each zone. We also have full time maintenance staff, who sweep and mop everyday and security. Plus, police officers that roam around the store from time to time as well. The store seems to be run well but it's kind of hard to tell from behind the cashiers desk. I can only hope that they deem me worthy to transfer me to info or downstairs because damn I'm bored at the cash wrap.

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