Sunday, November 02, 2008

Baby you can drive my car.

My Iowa driver's license expires on my birthday this year so I had I decided to switch my Iowa license for a New York one. I do live here now and it will make it easier on the poor NY bartenders to check my id. My local DMV is in the same shopping area as my local target. A few months ago, during on my trips to Target, I thought I would stop by and ask what I needed to switch licenses but the line was insane. It was like out the door so I turned to plan b) look it up online. The NY DMV has a very nice website but it was very confusing. One page said I needed two forms of id, my license I'm switching out and my passport would do, plus my birth certificate and another said I didn't need my birth certificate. I didn't have my birth certificate. So I called up mom and said, hey could you send it to me? Of course she did. So I was all prepared to go. I went back to the site one more time to print out the application and I reread everything I needed and lo and behold, I needed my social security card too. I don't think I needed all of this to get my Iowa license. I couldn't remember if I had my SS card or not, so I looked in my box that has all my important documents and it wasn't there. So, I texted mom this time to look for it and of course she had and expressed mailed it to me. All was well. I got it on a Tuesday and then my next day off was like Thursday but for whatever reason I didn't do it. Well, then I got sick and well, I'm vain. I didn't want to look all red and puffy on my license photo that I'm going to have for the next 4 or 5 years. So, I waited until my next day off, which was Friday. I got up early, though not as early as I had hoped. I wanted to get there as close to when they opened so I didn't have to stand in line all day. So, I quickly got ready. Made myself look good and left. I got to the DMV around 11am. I didn't know where I was supposed to go. I already had my application filled out so I knew I didn't have fight the crowd around the application desk. So, I got in line for Information. It seemed like the best place to start. It was a relatively short line so I waited for less then five minutes. I got up the lady, told what her what I wanted and she asked for my birth certificate, SS card and license. I asked her if she needed my passport and she was like, yeah if you have that I don't need your birth certificate. Well, that's just great. She checks everything, signs and few things and tells me I need to get picture taken so I got in that line. This time only 2 people ahead of me. So far so good. I get my picture taken and then given a number to wait for the next available person to finish my application. This is where I started to think the long wait was about to start. I got out my Tennis Week Magazine I had just got in the mail and sat to wait. I don't think I had a chance to finish one article when my number was called. I read a few lines for my eye exam and answered a few questions. Paid. and that was it. She gave me my interim license, which is just a piece of paper that says my name, DOB, etc and my actual license will be mailed to me in 2 weeks. So really it was a lot easier then I thought it would be. So, now I am officially licensed by the State of New York to drive a motor vehicle. Which if you think about, is kind of funny because I will probably never drive a car in the state. Well, I guess that's not true. Kat does live in Buffalo.

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