Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One or the other.

The store that I work in is two floors. It has an elevator and escalator. Today they were both broken. How does that happen? The escalator is broken off and on since I have worked there so that wasn't really surprised. At least this time it was the down that wasn't working. Usually it's the up and that is killer to walk up. Well, since the escalator dudes had the down completely blocked off and we couldn't walk down it, the up was turned off so it could be up and down. Annoying. Well, when I got to work and say the escalator in pieces I was all set to take the elevator, even though I am a tad bit claustrophobic and really don't like that elevator and I'm always afraid of getting stuck in it. Surprise it's not working either. And even bigger surprise! Two of my coworkers, did get stuck in it yesterday. I knew I had reasons to fear it. So all day long I got "I can't believe both the escalator and elevator are not working". Tell me about. You only have to be for a few minutes, I have to be here all day. I can only hope one of them is fixed by tomorrow but since the escalator was still in pieces when I left and no one has come yet about the elevator I'm not optimistic.

In other news, they were filming "Flights of the Conchord" on 5th Ave, Brooklyn today. I actually have never seen a full episode of the show but it is pretty exciting to see something get filmed. I was on the bus so I didn't get see much, only what was in passing but I recognized one of the guys from the show. So, that is the second film location I have witness since moving here. Cool, huh?

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