Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Oops, so much for 30 posts in 30 days. Oh well.

As you all know, Today is election day. So go out and vote! Go out and for no other reason that today as a nation we are about to make history. Today we are either going to elect the first African American President, the oldest elected to a first term or the first female vice president. How amazing is that? Go Vote!

I have already voted. I sent in my Absentee ballot to the great state of Iowa about a month ago. I decided not to switch my voting registration to New York yet because let's face it. New York is going for Obama. I want my vote to make a difference. Iowa is one of the swing states but not a major one. In 2000 Gore won the state by a few hundred votes and in 2004 Bush won by a few thousand. Who knows how close it will be this year but the most important reason for keeping my voting registration in Iowa for at least this election. My vote cancels out one of my parents and Kate's vote does the same. We like to keep things balanced in my family.

So while the rest of you are out making history, I will be home watching the Election Day House Marathon on USA! Go Vote!

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