Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clean Clothes

I bought a new filter for my PUR pitcher and I really can tell a difference. I like the taste of clean water. It's nice. I finally did my laundry today. It really needed to be done. I tried earlier in the week but the change machine was out and the little grocery/deli store didn't have any quarters to spare so I couldn't do it. I lugged my basket down stairs. loaded my clothes into a machine, sat down at the table and started to read. About 5 minutes later, someone else came in. Even though there was five open machines open, I had picked the 3 best ones so she said she would wait. Like every five minutes, she would come back to see if i was done. You would think she would just look at the timer so knew how much time I had left. Then when it was time for me to dry, she had to comment on the dryers I was using. I was like, lady, I'm trying to wash my clothes and read. Thank You. I was so glad when my laundry was done and she had left so I could finish in peace. I don't think I am unfriendly but I don't need running commentary on what I am supposedly doing wrong or the fact that I had taken the best machines. I got there first, sorry. I didn't realize they were the best, they are just the closest ones to the dryer. That's why I picked them. Have I ever mentioned I hate to do laundry. This is just one of the many reasons why.

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Melissa said...

I thought "first come, first served" originated in New York. Next time, maybe she should get downstairs earlier.